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Quality Control Solution (QCS) for Infor ERP SyteLine

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Your customers require products made to their precise specifications. You require the same of your suppliers. At the same time, you face endless challenges in complying with
government regulations, providing quality records to auditors and customers, and continually making improvements to your operations.

Infor ERP SyteLine QCS can help make quality management central to your company's culture and streamline the coordination of people, process, and technology. QCS provides support for key quality related activities, including:

  • Managing quality-based processes, such as nonconformance and corrective actions

  • Improving data integrity and consistency

  • Enforcing a controlled, repeatable process

  • Providing audit information and reporting

  • Measuring cost of quality/non-conformance

  • Capturing quality data needed for compliance, such as traceability, inspection results, and reviews.

  • Identifying improvement opportunities

View this webinar to see how QCS supports quality activities across your entire enterprise, not just the manufacturing process. The four distinct QCS modules, all built on a common foundation of powerful quality management tools, include:

  • QCS Customer deals with shipping inspection and QA, customer RMA and customer complaints

  • QCS Supplier manages receiving inspection, vendor RMA and supplier performance reporting

  • QCS In-Process covers job inspection and rework, serial number tracking and cost of scrap

  • QCS Enterprise monitors performance data and change management, as well as providing a web portal

Find out how these modules work hand-in-hand with Infor ERP SyteLine to help you effectively and efficiently execute the day-to-day procedures associated with receiving, manufacturing and shipping.

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