Enterprise Financial Management Webinars

Enhance finance practices locally and globally.

Infor’s Enterprise Financial Management solutions enable you to streamline core financial and accounting practices and help you to improve business-to-business, trade-related, and transaction-based financial functions and processes. The suite provides support for global manufacturers and distributors, financial services providers, not-for-profits, oil and gas industries, and local governments.

Infor Enterprise Financial Management integrated modules help you address financial accounting and budgeting, asset management, costing and value flow, payroll and human resources, cash and credit management, and reporting and analysis. Organizations that do business in more than one legal jurisdiction gain the ability to handle national tax regulations and accounting practices on a global scale and obtain a reliable, apples-to-apples view of financial performance across the entire enterprise.

Topic Title
Financials Come See the New Infor FMS SunSystems Enterprise
  Infor Financials Masterpiece Development Update
  Infor Financials SmartStream Development Update
  Approva Certification Manager 6.2 for Infor Financial Management Solutions
  Taming the Invoice Process with Infor10 Financials Business (SunSystems) – Americas and Europe
  Infor WebTop 4.4 and Infor10 ION Workspace for iEnterprise (Infinium)
  Infor F9 Webinar: Powerful Excel-based Financial Reporting (for VISUAL customers)
  Infor F9: Powerful Excel-based Financial Reporting
  Infor F9 Webinar: Powerful Excel-Based Financial Reporting
  Consolidate and Simplify Reporting with XBRL Technology
  Infor WebTop 4.4 and Infor10 ION Workspace for Infor10 iEnterprise (Infinium) Financial Alerts and Workflows.
  Infor F9 Webinar: Powerful Excel-based
Financial Reporting
  See How Infor Financials SmartStream Users Are Creating Reports in Minutes
  Exception Analytics for World Class Financial Assurance
  Time to Act
  Take Control of Your Most Challenging Issues
  Make better decisions faster: SmartStream Reports in Minutes
  Make better decisions faster Infinium Reports in Minutes
  Dramatically Reduce Reporting & Analysis Time and Improve Decision Making
  It’s all about cost reduction and risk mitigation
iSeries Infor10 Financials iEnterprise (Infinium) & Infor 10 HCM iEnterprise (Infinium) users create reports in minutes.
  Accelerate report creation with Infor10 Query & Analysis
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