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Leap into 2012 with Confidence, Access, and Integration from Self Service

With confidence comes peace of mind; with peace of mind comes empowerment.

View this webcast to learn how you can leap into 2012 with confidence, access, and integration by extending your Infor10 HCM iEnterprise (Infinium) solution with self service.

Self service gives you:

  • Confidence: Leap from paper forms to online access.
  • Access: Evolve from pen and paper to point-and-click.
  • Integration: Unify your solutions by leveraging self-service automation.

This webcast showcases examples, such as:

Manage work-event changes with confidence by accessing and completing your team’s work-event changes, including salary changes, promotions, transfers, status changes, layoffs, leaves of absence, terminations, demotions, grievance actions, changes in your team’s personal information, hiring, and rehiring.

Access your team’s time off information through graphical representations. Create, view, and report against your team’s time off requests, which integrates with your human resources and payroll solutions.

Access integrated, total compensation statements that display a comprehensive view of your team’s cash and non-cash compensation to help educate, inform, and motivate your team.

Access your own personnel, payroll, and benefits details for items, such as your paycheck stubs, W-2/T4 forms, address, benefits, dependents, beneficiaries, and more.

Leap into 2012 with Confidence, Access, and Integration from Self Service

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