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Infor10 HCM iEnterprise Self Service (Infinium):
Less Is More

Webcast - Infor10 HCM iEnterprise Self Service (Infinium):
Less Is More

What if you:

  • Had less paperwork to complete, pass along, and file?
  • Got fewer phone calls about reprinting paystubs, W-2s, and T-4s?
  • Could streamline your business process for leaders by 47%?

View this webcast to learn how less is more with Infor10 HCM iEnterprise Self Service (Infinium).

See how Self Service allows you to:

Manage work-event changes with confidence. Access and complete your team’s work-event changes, including salary changes, promotions, transfers, status changes, layoffs, leaves of absence, terminations, demotions, grievance actions, personal information, hiring, and rehiring.

Access your team’s time-off information with graphical representations. Create, view, and report against your team’s time-off requests, integrating with your human resources and payroll solutions.

Retrieve integrated, total compensation statements. Get a comprehensive view of your team’s cash and non-cash compensation to help educate, inform, and motivate your team.

Access your own personnel, payroll, and benefits details.
Review your paycheck stubs, W-2/T4 forms, address, benefits, dependents, beneficiaries, and more.

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Infor10 HCM iEnterprise Self Service (Infinium): <br/>Less Is More

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