Manage your human resources with ease

As a user of AMSI StarBuilder, find out how you can manage your human resources with ease using Infor AMSI integrated solutions. You depend on StarBuilder for comprehensive job cost accounting. Now leverage the value of your StarBuilder system across your entire business with a sophisticated, cost-effective solution for human resource management, TotalHR.

Seamlessly integrated with your StarBuilder payroll application, TotalHR places you in a real-time processing environment. Specific, common employee information is kept current, allowing users to significantly reduce manual or redundant data entries.

You can track critical human resource information at its source, and you can easily store and manage information about employees’ personal, employment, demographic, and historical information.

TotalHR will enable you to effectively manage key areas such as:

  • Employee data
  • Health and attendance data
  • Skills, training, and certification data
  • Asset tracking of employee-assigned inventory
  • Salary administration
  • Benefit management
  • Recruitment, hiring, and termination

Watch this recorded webcast to see TotalHR in action. It's the best way to learn how StarBuilder users like you are experiencing remarkable improvements in accuracy, operational efficiency, and profit using TotalHR.

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