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Extend your Infor ERP solution with fully integrated product lifecycle management

Create quality products faster and take your productivity to new heights

Increasingly complex supply chains, more demanding customers, and tighter regulatory requirements make it more difficult than ever for companies like yours to develop new products. You need to be able to streamline your development, design, management, and production processes throughout your enterprise to optimize every step of the product lifecycle.  

With Infor PLM Discrete, you will:

  • Get out-of-the-box PLM integration with Infor ERP, other ERP solutions, and your CAD solutions, integrating processes, people, data, and business systems into one single backbone for your enterprise.
  • Share one version of the truth at all times, allowing you to make more informed decisions and respond to change more quickly, as well as to release products in the marketplace faster.
  • Design for cost in real time, by looking for part alternatives at the lowest cost and with the shortest lead time.

With Infor PLM Discrete, you’ll optimize every step of the product lifecycle to create higher-quality products, shorten cycle times for changes and approvals, launch new products in less time at a lower cost, and maximize profits

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