Manage new products from concept
to retirement


Streamline even your most complicated processes for developing, launching, and managing products

You manufacture complex products, but that doesn't mean managing the lifecycle of your products needs to be complex and cumbersome. Join us to learn how you can help your employees, suppliers, and partners share product information, no matter where it is gathered and stored.

With Infor PLM Discrete, you get a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that integrates with your Infor ERP solution and CAD systems. It offers timely, transparent access to the most important product information. You can get your products to market quicker, improve manufacturing efficiency and accuracy, and lower the cost of new product introductions.

In this webcast, you’ll discover how you can win in the global marketplace by taking control over your PLM process. Topics include:

  • Product data management
    Ensure data quality by managing the attributes and characteristics of your products
  • Enterprise content management
    Work faster and more efficiently by capturing, sharing, managing, tracking, and storing documents, tasks, and product information in a central data repository
  • Workflow
    Streamline communications within your organization and with external partners to work more efficiently
  • Lifecycle analysis
    Better understand the effect possible change may have on cost, inventory, production schedules, cycle time, and quality before approving a change

Discover how you can develop more innovative products, improve quality, get products to market faster, and increase your sales.

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