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Infor PLM for Food and Beverage webinar summit series

This series of webinar recordings, led by PLM Expert Rory Granros, will help you gain a deep understanding of the importance of optimizing formulas to meet customer specifications, and managing labeling to ensure regulatory compliance within the food and beverage industry.

Webinar: Profitably meeting increasing customer quality and claims complexity
With customers demanding higher quality and more innovation, it becomes more important than ever to have the right PLM solution to profitably meet escalating challenges. In this webinar recording, you will learn how:

  • Customers, not legalization, are driving increased levels of quality and compliance.
  • Compliance plays an important part in an overall brand protection strategy—and PLM should be the cornerstone of that strategy.
  • PLM can help you cut costs and maximize resources, so you maintain already thin profit margins.

Webinar: PLM is critical to ensure the compliance in ever changing supply chain
PLM is critical to ensure compliance, reduce time to market, and drive profit margins when companies add or consolidate plants, increase supply, or move production to new plants. This webinar recording will give you a better understanding of:

  • How sources of supply will change when companies expand into new markets or products
  • New customer and retailer mandates for quality and compliance, and how PLM is critical to get products to market in the shortest possible time
  • The ways PLM increases supply chain agility, while protecting brand integrity and increasing margins

Webinar: Turning compliance backlog for product labeling into a competitive advantage
Automating food labeling and achieving a 99% first pass-rate can significantly reduce cycle times, while protecting your brands, and eliminating regulatory backlogs. View this webinar recording on food labeling to learn how:

  • Food labeling driven by PLM can include: product claims, allergens, GMO, sustainability, religious, and organic certification.
  • Automated labeling through PLM can help you achieve high first pass success rates, which eliminates re-entry errors and non-value added rework cycles.
  • To use PLM to generate labels for multiple markets, channels, and customers to minimize cycle times.

Webinar: Food and beverage sales leaders can improve sales effectiveness and increase conversion rates
Integrating sales into PLM processes improves the accuracy of requests and leads to increased revenue and profit margin. This webinar recording will demonstrate how:

  • Improved customer request accuracy reduces cycle times and wasted R&D capacity.
  • Integration of sales into PLM processes increases conversion rates.
  • Clear visibility to the most valuable opportunities drives increased win rates and margins.

Webinar: Reduce the total cost of quality food and beverage by integrating PLM with the shop floor
Translating formulas into human and machine readable format improves margins and cycle times by minimizing total cost of quality in food and beverage.  View this webinar recording on managing manufacturing specifications and S88 in food and beverage to learn why:

  • Reentry of data into disparate systems has the highest rate of error.
  • Information errors result in increased variability, rework, and lost capacity.
  • Improved information accuracy can increase first batch success rates and reduce total cost of quality.

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