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CIMdata presents the top 2014 PLM trends for process manufacturers

Learn how the latest PLM trends can help you meet the challenges you face today and into the future.

With today’s tighter margins, more demanding customers and frequently changing regulations, process manufacturers are facing greater challenges to managing product lifecycles efficiently and cost-effectively. This increased pressure means that you must find ways to do more with less, do it faster and do it better.

Ken Amann, executive consultant at CIMdata, will address the latest trends in product lifecycle management and show you how they can help you manage the lifecycle of your products more efficiently and cost-effectively.

View the webcast to hear about the key trends for PLM in the process manufacturing industry, and gain insight into the capabilities a PLM solution offers to help you get ahead of the challenges of today’s fast paced and changing market.

Find out:

  • How emerging technology such as social, business intelligence and mobile is changing the working paradigms
  • How least cost formulation is essential in the continuous quest to cost optimization and management
  • How the right PLM solution can help you comply with the ever-changing and complex quality and compliance regulations such as global label management and GS1

Get up to speed with the latest trends in product lifecycle management and learn how you can meet the challenges you face today, and into the future.

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