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Condition Based Monitoring for Hansen v7.7

Webcast - Condition Based Monitoring for Hansen v7.7

Over the last few years, you've had to adjust to the "new normal" where reduced budgets, higher energy costs, failure of aging equipment, and increasing regulatory fines have become a reality. We understand your challenges and are offering a solution that will connect your software to SCADA information to meet these challenges with a "single version of truth."

Join us for a valuable webinar to learn how Infor10 Public Sector Enterprise Condition Based Monitoring (Hansen) (Infor10 CBM) will assist you in managing the "new normal" conditions with a proactive maintenance model that helps you:

  • Do more with less.
  • Leverage the power of a "virtual employee" to listen to your equipment 24/7/365.
  • Experience improved asset sustainability.
  • Utilize artificial intelligence to predict and prevent equipment failures by learning from your equipment's historical data.
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Learn how to achieve a rapid ROI and ongoing savings. You'll hear a success story from an Infor Public Sector customer and watch a live demo of the Infor10 CBM solution, while learning how you, too, can benefit from this valuable solution.

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