Break through information silos and streamline work processes


Connecting the enterprise

Having a disconnected enterprise is costly and ineffective, and it slows down decision-making. Manual and redundant processes create widespread operational inefficiency, data isn’t readily available, and employees can become disengaged because of slow systems and process adoption. Discover how a connected enterprise can provide you with collaboration among people, integration between processes, and real-time business intelligence.

View this on-demand recording and learn how your organization can:

  • Connect disparate people, processes, data, and machines across the enterprise.
  • Configure business events to drive process integration and standardization.
  • Provide a community platform for contextual collaboration between workers.
  • Deliver just-in-time business intelligence for visibility and decision support.

With Infor, you get end-to-end, integrated solutions built specifically for the public sector. You’ll be able to eliminate operational silos and achieve end-to-end efficiency, because our solutions are powered and connected by Infor ION—a purpose-built middleware solution providing a simple, powerful, and scalable framework.

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