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Infor delivers end-to-end supply chain solutions that improve profitability, competitiveness and growth from concept to customer. Infor Supply Chain Management  helps companies improve customer service, lower total supply chain costs, reduce lead times, and optimize agility and responsiveness. Infor solutions combine planning and execution functions from a single source and incorporate enabling technologies to improve visibility and control across the entire supply chain:

Infor SCM solutions can be deployed in component form to extend and compliment existing ERP systems, or combined to form a business suite that integrates all the processes of supply chain management.

Topic Title
Sales and Operation Planning Infor10 SCM Presents: Adding Real Value to S&OP Results
  Infor10 Demand Planning Presents: Publishing success for tomorrow’s news
  Infor10 SCM Presents: Supply Chain Planning & Optimization
  Driving Standards and Best Practices in the Healthcare Supply Chain
  How will the UDI rule affect your healthcare supply chain?
  Social S&OP
  Sales and operations planning
  Infor10 SCM Presents: Advanced Scheduling
Demand Planning Announcing Infor Demand Planning 6.6
  Unlock Profit Potential With Demand Planning
Manufacturing Planning & Scheduling Announcing Infor Scheduling 6.5
  Managing the Challenges of Tank Scheduling in a Process Manufacturing Environment
Warehouse Mgmt. From product line to consumer: Deliver finished goods to your customers effectively at lowest possible cost
  From product line to consumer: Deliver finished goods to your customers effectively at lowest possible cost
  Improve the visibility across your warehouse operations and respond faster to customer demand.
  More than 200 logistics providers globally use Infor to operate a more efficient and agile enterprise – Learn how
  Orchestrate the perfect order by adding social and mobile intelligence to your logistics operations
Supply Chain Best Practices Maximize Your Infor10 Supply Chain Management (SCM) Investment
  Discover the latest innovations in Infor Supply Chain Execution
  Reduce the complexities of warehouse and logistics management
  Introducing Infor Supply Chain Management
  Announcing Infor Advanced Scheduling 5.5
Supplier Management Vocollect End of Life announcement – your action plan moving forward
  Drive Your Supply Chain...Profitably

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