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Announcing Infor Demand Planning 6.6

The latest edition of Infor Demand Planning improves forecast accuracy while reducing time to plan

Infor is proud to announce the launch of Infor Demand Planning 6.6 and invites you to this complimentary webinar, hosted by Shaun Phillips (SCP product manager), for an overview of the major enhancements and new functionalities in this edition.
View this webinar to learn how Infor Demand Planning 6.6 allows you to:

  • React faster to changing market conditions, make better decisions, and respond quicker to real-time demand signals.
  • Better manage promotion calendars, including trade spend, promotional, and cannibalization profiles.
  • Reduce obsolete stock and dramatically improve forecasting effort with the new periodic forecasting function, which automatically determines at which times of the year to forecast and at which times of the year to use reorder point planning.
  • Improve the replenishment accuracy of perishable items through advanced shelf-life management.
  • Reduce your time-to-plan with more accurate statistical forecasting.
  • Take advantage of new demand planning features that are unique to consumer-goods planning.
  • And much more.

Learn more about Infor Demand Planning 6.6 and discover how this latest edition will help improve your overall forecast accuracy, allowing you to improve customer service levels and grow your profitability faster.

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