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Managing the Challenges of Tank Scheduling in a Process Manufacturing Environment

When it comes to the planning and scheduling challenges faced by today's manufacturers, industry differences play an enormous part in the techniques and technologies used. This has never been truer for breweries, distilleries, dairies, beverage, liquid based food manufacturers and other process manufactures that use volume-based assets such as tanks, silos, drums and vats.  The complexity this brings to the production scheduling process is increased by also having to consider:

  • Minimising production costs & downtime whilst maintaining production flexibility
  • Shelf life, maturation, variable lead-times
  • Variable changeovers (CIP, allergens, colour, flavour, tooling etc.)
  • Equipment constraints and capacity
  • Product and package proliferation
  • Reacting to unplanned disruptions
  • Raw material availability & quality variations

To create an optimal and feasible production schedule, process manufacturers need solutions specialised for the unique needs of their industry.

View this on-demand webinar to understand how Infor’s unique functionality that can not only help your organisation overcome these challenges but can also add value by:

  • Increasing capacity utilisation and throughput  – cancel or delay asset investment decisions
  • Reducing cash tied up in working capital by reducing WIP and synchronising raw materials to the schedule
  • Improving fill rates and customer service
  • Minimising change over costs and downtime
  • Taking opportunistic orders and capture market share
  • Consolidating plants or reducing excess overtime or partial shifts
You will hear how customers have been able to successfully implement Infor Advanced Scheduler and take advantage of optimised plant scheduling to increase capacity utilisation by 10-40%, more profitably react to disruptive events and proactively assess risks and opportunities with "what-if" scenario modeling.

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