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Social S&OP

Traditional S&OP is not without its flaws...

Robust communication is the key to developing a successful Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) strategy. S&OP transcends multiple departments including production, finance, R&D, marketing and the supporting technology traditionally focused on the numbers, while the process and the collaboration component was often ignored.

Introducing Social S&OP, a brand new way of facilitating the communication in your S&OP processes. Social S&OP is S&OP at social speed. Providing for notes, suggestions, risks and assumptions, all captured in an auditable manner and shared across relevant participants. Creating a truly collaborative S&OP process.

Learn how Social S&OP can help your S&OP process become more efficient and agile.

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This webcast shares with you the tangible business benefits of social S&OP including:

  • More predictable business results by synchronizing the top-down financial plan with bottom-up operating plan
  • Ability to respond faster to change AND see the impact of those supply chain decisions immediately on your profit margin
  • Use integrated social networking to communicate decisions, issues, etc faster to stakeholders and to respond to customer requirements
  • How to build a truly collaborative, auditable S&OP process that enables you to plan for profit

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