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Vocollect End of Life announcement – your action plan moving forward

Customers who are using Infor with Vocollect Voice have told us the solution has provided years of higher productivity and reduced errors.  Some of those same customers (and you know who you are) may be using the same hardware and software solution that was initially deployed.  We want to make sure you are aware of the recent the End of Life announcement of the Talkman T2x, Talkman T5 and the associated software, address questions you may have and make you aware of the next generation Infor/Vocollect solution.   

On this on-demand webinar, we’ll discuss the Infor roadmap and support we provide for Vocollect Voice, including work processes you might not have been aware were had Vocollect Voice support.  We’ll go into detail on the Vocollect End of Life announcement and also introduce you to the latest solution offered by Vocollect, which include new benefits not available on the Talkman T2x or T5.

on-demand webinar topics will include:

  • End of Life announcement of the Talkman T2x, Talkman T5
  • Introduce the latest Infor/Vocollect solutions
  • Infor roadmap and support for Vocollect Voice

Bob Ervien
Manager, HW Sales and Alliances

Jay Blinderman
Director, Product Marketing
Vocollect, Inc.

Press Release: PN- Talkman T5 Series Talkman T2k and Talkman T1 End of Life Announcement

Press Release: Product Notice – A700 Release Announcement

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