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More than 200 logistics providers globally use Infor to operate a more efficient and agile enterprise – Learn how

The third party logistics arena is more competitive than ever as new markets open up, customers become more demanding and both shippers and competitors become smarter. It’s no longer good enough to just grow, you must grow profitably and keep your customers happy while getting paid for the services you provide.

View this webinar to learn how Infor can help you create new opportunities to :

  • Manage and move products more efficiently using automated inventory management and integrated logistics processes with other solutions used by vendors and users
  • Respond faster to customer demand adding new customers more quickly, respond faster to demand changes and implement new value-added logistics services
  • Create accurate reports for customers and management using built-in logistics reporting and alerting and respond faster to opportunities and problems that arise
  • Optimize the distribution work, monitor labor in real time and accurately invoice for all the work performed
  • Improve warehouse efficiency by adding voice capabilities for faster picking, packing and shipping

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