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Spend less on your IT infrastructure

Discover Infor hosting and application management services (AMS)

One of the inevitable by-products of the global recession is that companies have spent a great deal of time and energy in a giant housekeeping exercise. Faced with the ongoing need to strip inefficiencies out of their processes, organizations across the world have taken a long hard look at their spending on IT infrastructure and services to see where they can reap savings.

As a result, demand for hosting and application management services (AMS) is growing fast, and expected to grow still more quickly in the future, driven in part by on-demand real time computing, which creates the need for systems with 100% availability and uptime.

During this webinar you'll learn how other Infor customers have taken advantage of these services.

Working with Infor's hosting and AMS can help organizations improve productivity, reduce costs and improve enterprise resiliency by introducing a new rigor to the process of managing IT. As economic conditions improve, it will be the companies that have their house in order and are in the best shape that will prevail.

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