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World Class MES (Manufacturing Execution System) For Infor ERP XA Customers

View the World Class MES (Manufacturing Execution System) For Infor ERP XA Customers Demo

Looking for ways to increase inventory turns and order timeliness?

A manufacturing execution system (MES) is the way to make that happen.  Infor ERP XA plans what is intended to happen on the production floor, but MES can help with what is happening.  The Infor XA MES solution from Paper-Less offers tools to transform mission critical processes in scheduling, inventory, production, and quality into one integrated solution providing unparalleled visibility and management of manufacturing.

View this webcast recording and discover how the Infor MES solution from Paper-Less allows for:

  • Greater visibility into production status across the enterprise

  • Improved inventory turns—by 200% to 300%

  • Reduced defects and non-conformance—by 70%

  • Increased accuracy in production reporting

  • Up to 60% reductions in WIP and carrying costs

  • Immediate process improvement and ROI

  • Seamless integration into Infor ERP XA

Whether you’re on a lean journey or simply trying to optimize processes, the Infor ERP XA MES product will significantly contribute to your performance and profitability. MES makes process improvement easy with standardized production tools enabling world class manufacturing performance.

Learn more about this dynamic information system that drives effective execution of manufacturing operations.

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