Let's celebrate work

  • Work is Beautiful
  • Work is Beautiful
  • Work is Beautiful

The tasks and the to-dos. Responsibilities, big and small.
Good ideas. Great ideas. Daily goals and career triumphs.
It all adds up to something greater than the daily grind.

Work isn't always fun. Maybe it's not as glamorous as you imagined it would be when you were a kid. But work is important—to you, your organization, and others. Whether you're assembling a machine, managing a city, or delighting hotel guests, your work has meaning.

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Your work engineers innovation

It's installing the motors into vehicles that take us to work and bring us home again. Assembling the devices that ignite our imaginations. Building the planes that help us discover the world. It's bringing new ideas to life.

  • People

    From design to production, it takes 5,000 people and 5 years of teamwork to make a jet engine.

  • Compass

    From barley to bottle, it takes 28 days to brew a batch of craft beer.

  • Assembly

    From spot welds to assembly, it takes 3 months to transform 11,000 parts into a New York City subway car.

Your work means more than just doing your job

It's attending to every last detail. Staying late to help a customer. Making somebody's day better with a smile. It's always being ready to help.

Your work is what the future is built on

It's making our cities safer. Connecting people, ideas, and businesses to help communities thrive. It's putting others first. Dropping everything for an emergency. Caring for patients the way you care for your family.

Your work inspires us to build better software

"We talk with users, everyone from hotel managers to nurses to construction workers, and we ask them about how they work. We consider their circumstances, probe the problems they're trying to solve, and we create software—with great user experiences—that meets the needs of their unique work situations ."

Marc Scibelli
Chief Creative Officer, Infor

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