The tasks and the to-dos. Responsibilities, big and small. Good ideas.Great ideas.
Daily goals and career triumphs. It all adds up to something greater than the grind.



Our vision: Create software that simplifies the way people work

Our vision for enterprise software boils down to three fundamental principles: it must feel natural, meaningful, and enjoyable. It’s not just about making pretty products, but delivering benefits that improve your everyday experiences.



"If you want to create beautiful software, you need to start with the entire experience. We work directly with our users, everyone from hotel managers to nurses to construction workers, and we talk to them about how they're using Infor applications. We think about the circumstances they find themselves under, what problems they're trying to solve in that minute, and we create software that meets their unique needs and experiences."


Marc Scibelli
Chief Creative Officer, Infor


Our approach: How we create unforgettable experiences


Hook & Loop

Hook & Loop is the internal creative think tank of Infor. Part R&D, part creative lab, this group is composed of an eclectic mix of designers, developers, and creators who are unified by a passion for solving complex challenges and breaking the status quo.

Based in the Infor headquarters in New York City's Silicon Alley, Hook & Loop strives to tie the company together in a fresh, agile way through creativity and design. 


Discover beauty at work

Go behind the scenes in our New York City headquarters for a beautiful sneak peek of what's in store for 2014 and beyond.

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