Health 3.0 – The Path Forward

In this webinar series, Dr. Barry Chaiken, MD, CMIO, Steve Fanning, VP Healthcare Strategy and Robin Stimac, Director Healthcare Strategy, HCM at Infor, will present the evolution and present state of healthcare, a conundrum of IT Systems supporting (and sometimes inhibiting) effective care delivery, and the nexus of forces requiring a transformational shift across the healthcare value chain.

Each session will feature a short presentation, followed by an open Q & A discussion with Chaiken and our Industry experts.

The first session has been scheduled; dates for future sessions will be added soon!

Expanding and Improving Care Collaboration
Date: January 21, 2014
Time: 2:00 pm (ET)

Patients often have to repeat their history from visit to visit and facility to facility. Doctors, nurses, aides, therapists and pharmacists don't always have the information they need when they need to quickly make patient care decisions.

In this webinar you will hear how Care Collaboration addresses these issues by gathering patients' health data from multiple sources to create a detailed patient record and single source of truth which in turn provides better insight for treating patients with chronic conditions such as coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure and diabetes, which account for 80 percent of all healthcare costs.  It can also show trends in how patients are responding, for example, to treatment for chronic asthma or adhering to drug regimens, and automatically alert doctors and nurses to conflicting or missed prescriptions.

Achieving Full Revenue Capture
March 2014

Maximizing revenue capture is central to any successful margin improvement strategy. Elevated unemployment rates have resulted in continuing struggles with collections from self pay patients. At the same time, slower growth in future public-payer reimbursement, and the transition from fee-for-service to value-driven payment, will place further stress on existing revenue cycle processes and systems.

This webinar highlights best practices to improve margin performance through best-in-class revenue cycle operations and improved capture of quality-based reimbursement.

Proactively Managing the Case Mix and Population Health
May 2014

Improving case mix is a crucial requirement for long-term margin sustainability. A mix more heavily weighted toward procedural volumes will require more proactive management of chronically ill medical patients in the outpatient setting and the concurrent backfilling of those prevented admissions with procedural volumes.

This webinar provides guidance on developing a more effective care enterprise and building a successful readmissions reduction program.

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