Webinar: Inventory Intelligence
for Healthcare

Science-based recommendations to control cost and
deliver high levels of care

Monday, January 09, 2017


  • Cory Turner, Supply Chain Strategy Director – Infor Healthcare
  • John Carrico, Product Management Director – Infor            
  • Leigh Martin, Sr. Director – Infor Dynamic Science Labs

In this webinar we will cover Inventory Management struggles within the healthcare market and how data science combined with technology is being used to address this issue to help reduce costs. Learn more about:

  • Inventory challenges within Healthcare
  • Introduction to Infor Dynamic Science Labs, Infor’s data science team
  • How we are tackling the inventory challenges that healthcare systems face
  • Experience with our Inventory Intelligence for Healthcare beta customer
  • The Inventory Intelligence for Healthcare Early Adopter program.

Learn more about the latest advancements in Inventory Intelligence for Healthcare. Register today.

* Webinar duration is 45-60 Minutes.

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