What it is

Infor Food & Beverage is uniquely designed to help confectionery organizations develop more precise and accurate forecasts with less manual input. It also provides the flexibility and scalability to evolve with your business.

Key features include:

  • Capacity constraint management for bake-ovens and across process and personnel capacities
  • Attribute management and new product introduction
  • Pricing, discounts, promotions, and rebate management
  • Quality control and lab-inspection, built into core processes such as purchasing, manufacturing, and warehousing
  • Advanced costing models to mirror your cost components across the value chain
  • Mobile device support to automate data collection

What it does

The world of the professional confectioner is pretty sweet. By mixing flavor combinations and colors into hundreds— if not thousands— of products, you bring joy to the world every day. Yet you also face some tough challenges. You are constantly under pressure to predict supply and demand. At the same time, you face food safety regulations, traceability requirements for flavor mixes that get dispersed among all of your products, and the need to manage an extremely complex supply chain.

If you can efficiently forecast and produce, while maintaining traceability, you can differentiate your business from your competitors. Infor can help. Infor Food & Beverage is designed to give you control, visibility, and complete traceability across your supply chain, while maximizing your demand forecasting and production planning capabilities.

What it means

Efficiently forecasting and producing, while maintaining full traceability, can help you differentiate your company from competitors in the confectionery market. Infor Food & Beverage software is designed to maximize your production capabilities and give you control, visibility, and traceability across your supply chain. It also provides the flexibility and scalability to evolve with your business.

With Infor Food & Beverage, you can:

  • Improve returns by better managing customer pricing, discounts, and promotions.
  • Better utilize your resource capacity and manpower.
  • Speed up and improve your warehousing and distribution operations.

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