What it does

Infor Food & Beverage can help you optimize all aspects of your ingredients manufacturing business, from acidulants to zest. Your business will be better able to develop, produce, and deliver, because you'll get the insight you need to trace all raw materials, production data, and deliveries. Because of that, you'll be better able to provide your customers with the right products at the right time. Ultimately, that means you'll be able to build trust and customer confidence while growing your business.

Take advantage of a software company that has provided industry-specific solutions to food and beverage producers worldwide for more than 30 years.

What it is

Our food and beverage solutions help you create new products faster, deliver products to customers on time, keep costs under control, plan for seasonal demand, enhance collaboration, and improve visibility across all of your company's manufacturing, distribution, customer service, and research and development operations.

You'll be able to make better, smarter, and more accurate decisions across your business.

Our specific solutions include:

What it means

Designed to streamline your supply chain, Infor Food & Beverage helps analyze all aspects of supply and demand so you can meet customer orders on time and in full, while minimizing the risk of out-of-date or out-of-spec ingredients. Additionally, you can manage formulas to ensure that the label or specification sheet always matches what you produced, even when your raw materials have changed.

You can:

  • Get instant electronic access to accurate upstream and downstream records of all raw materials, production data, and deliveries.
  • See how transactions are linked together.
  • Verify documentation certification from suppliers.
  • Improve internal business processes, and trace environmental and sustainable strategies.

Kemin Industries video

For decades, Kemin has relied on Infor M3 to drive company efficiencies at both the management and operational levels.

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Capture and measure business-critical data in order to control costs and drive profitability.

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How food and beverage companies gain competitive advantage

Implement a least-cost formulation strategy by integrating product lifecycle management and supply chain planning.

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