Healthcare integration and HIEs

What it does

Many of the world's leading healthcare organizations, HIEs, medical device manufacturers, and hospital information system vendors trust Infor Cloverleaf solutions, part of the Infor Healthcare offerings, to handle their most complex data integration and information exchange challenges.

Whether you need to connect within your four walls, or beyond them, Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite technologies provide a common infrastructure to connect data, doctors, and communities. Get data directly to the people who need itregardless of the source system, message format, or transmission protocol. 

What it is

The Infor Cloverleaf Integration and Information Exchange Suite enables secure integration messaging, monitoring, archiving, resiliency, and cost-efficient interoperability via industry-standard protocol and web services.

Infor Cloverleaf integration technologies help healthcare organizations create solutions, rather than just creating interfaces. Use Cloverleaf to:

  • Manage high-volume messaging.
  • Integrate clinical results delivery into referring physician's EMRs.
  • Transfer data directly from medical devices.
  • Facilitate Hospital-to-HIE, and HIE-to-HIE interoperability.
  • Support the achievement of Meaningful Use objectives.

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What it means

With robust interoperability, your healthcare organization has the ability to rapidly integrate new applications, connect with new partners, and operate with greater efficiency for significant gains in cost, time, and quality of care. 

You'll be able to:

  • Create connected healthcare environments within a hospital or across a community.
  • Reduce time-to-solution and administrative overhead while realizing your long-term IT goals.
  • Capture valuable information in messages that can be used for analysis and insight.
  • Respond to regulatory and competitive changes.
  • Increase productivity, make better medical decisions, deliver timely clinical results, and improve patient care. 

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NextGate Registries for Healthcare

NextGate Registries for Healthcare

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St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital  

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Legacy Health bolsters patient care with Infor Cloverleaf

Legacy Health bolsters patient care with Infor Cloverleaf

Legacy Health uses Infor Cloverleaf to connect patient data with clinical and business systems quickly and easily.

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