Infor Healthcare Providers

Infor Healthcare Providers

Helping you deliver better patient outcomes and financial sustainability

Healthcare information technology continues to drive toward solutions that respond to the challenges of providing increased quality of care at a lower cost in a changing regulatory environment. Infor Healthcare's new technologies, such as social networking, mobile, cloud computing, and big data, deliver fully connected, user-focused solutions that provide inherently collaborative and intuitive capabilities.

Infor serves the healthcare provider industry, including hospitals and hospital systems, ambulatory services, and non-acute care organizations. Hospitals range from health service facilities and academic medical centers to children’s hospitals and retirement communities. Infor also serves medical offices, clinics, labs, ambulatory surgery centers, long-term care clinics, and health practitioners.

Areas of focus within healthcare

Infor continues to invest in and develop solutions specialized for healthcare that address the unique needs of IDNs, hospitals, children’s hospitals, academic medical centers, outpatient specialty clinics, international hospitals, critical access centers, sub-acute care services centers, and accountable care organizations (ACO).

Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN) and hospitals

Infor Healthcare helps you navigate whatever challenges come your way as an IDN. Just as IDNs have evolved to address common concerns, such as capitation, excess capacity, decreased margins, and complaints from patients regarding access, Infor is ready to provide you with solutions that meet your needs.

Children’s hospitals

Children’s hospitals are unique, with staff specially trained to work with young patients, and understand the emotional needs of children and their families. Children’s hospitals don’t just treat the child; the whole family is involved. Infor can help you deliver family-centered, holistic care to improve how technology and people work together to support improved patient outcomes.

Academic medical centers

Academic medical centers, while producing breakthrough research, also provide care for everyday needs and specialized services for complex diseases, illnesses, and injuries. And while they pioneer new diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, new challenges await as healthcare shifts from a volume-based to a value-based model. Infor can help move your organization forward.

Outpatient specialty care

Outpatient specialty care covers the primary care needs of patients through general medical practitioner interactions, medical specialties, minor surgical and medical procedures, diagnostic procedures, emergency visits, rehabilitation visits, and in some cases telehealth consultations. Infor can help improve how technology and people work together, to help eliminate cost and support improved patient care.

International hospitals

Hospitals around the world, typically operating under universal healthcare, all face similar challenges: providing care that drives the best patient outcomes and maintaining patient privacy, while keeping costs under control. Infor can improve how technology and people work together, to help minimize costs and support improved patient care.

Critical access hospitals

Being a certified critical access hospital (CAH) through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services may enhance your financial performance and reduce the number of facility closures, especially for small rural hospitals. Partnering with Infor can help you improve how technology and people work together, to help boost efficiency, eliminate cost, and support patient care and outcomes.

Sub-acute facilities

Sub-acute care facilities serve patients who require highly skilled care in a setting that merges the sophisticated technology of a hospital with the efficient operation of a skilled nursing facility. A team approach to patient treatment is leveraged to assure the most affordable and efficient care for the patient. Infor can help you address your unique cost and quality challenges.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)

ACOs are forming each day to offer coordinated, high quality care to their patients. Infor can help you meet your goal of ensuring that patients, especially the chronically ill, get the right care at the right time, while avoiding unnecessary duplication of services and preventing medical errors.

Infor knows your organizational needs

From leveraging the latest in talent science and patient acuity, to creating a lean supply chain, to securely connecting all clinical and operational enterprise information, healthcare providers can count on Infor Healthcare to deliver solutions developed by healthcare experts for the healthcare industry.

Human Capital Management

Healthcare organizations face tough challenges when it comes to attracting, retaining, developing, and engaging talent. And that’s something Infor’s core HR, payroll, talent management, workforce management, and patient acuity solutions can provide.


  • Attract and retain key talent
  • Develop employees
  • Align and measure staff
  • Onboard effectively
  • Transform HR services and engagement
  • Equitably distribute workload based on patient acuity
  • Gain end-to-end support to schedule, assess, staff, assign, and track nurses

Financial Management

Healthcare success depends on more than balancing the books every month. You need to perform well at the bottom line and strengthen corporate governance. Built from the ground up to work with other hospital and healthcare solutions, Infor’s financial management suite offers what you need to strengthen your financial performance.


  • Share common master data with quick and easy access from any mobile device
  • Gain personalized views of data relevant to roles
  • Save time consolidating data from disparate sources
  • Benefit from increased visibility and transparency of activities that impact finances

Supply Chain Management

Healthcare providers are pressured more than ever to fully automate the procure-to-pay process. Infor Supply Chain Management solutions enable a streamlined process of managing demand all the way through to payment. Demand can be generated through various means, including end user requisitioning, mobile par leveling, vendor websites, patient consumption, and orders from third party clinical systems.


  • Fully automate the procure-to-pay process
  • Spend less time on administration and focus on securing reliable suppliers
  • Avoid stockouts and rush orders for surgical tools and supplies
  • Enable end-to-end transportation, warehouse, and logistics management
  • Streamline capital asset lifecycle management

Enterprise Performance

Your organization needs to manage processes for planning, budgeting, forecasting, strategy management, financial consolidations, reporting, and analysis in a dynamic healthcare marketplace. Infor’s enterprise performance solution offers robust support for achieving cost-reducing synergies, and reporting results in a more compliant and timely manner.


  • Gain key performance indicators
  • Improve decision making
  • Achieve an optimal balance between risk and opportunity
  • Gain greater control over performance
  • Increase organizational agility

Relationship Management

Healthcare providers like you need a sophisticated solution that helps you react quickly, intelligently, and personally to every patient interaction in order to achieve better outcomes and lower costs. Infor helps you not only engage with your patients, but also affiliates, alliances, and physician and nurse networks, to improve revenue and outcomes, and curb costs.


  • Lower health management costs
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Offer population education
  • Monitor campaign effectiveness
  • Improve brand perception
  • Increase patient and affiliate satisfaction
  • Better coordinate care
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Increase revenue and patient and affiliate loyalty
  • Help patients save money

Clinical Interoperability

Providers continue to seek interoperable systems that put the patient at the center of the healthcare universe. To help your organization make the best operational, financial, and clinical decisions, Infor’s solution enables you to connect disparate systems, efficiently deliver results, manage clinical summary exchanges, support non-electronic medical record (EMR) providers, facilitate referrals and consults, and share a consolidated view of a patient's record.


  • Scale to serve organizations of all sizes
  • Secure integration messaging, monitoring, archiving, resiliency, and cost efficient interoperability
  • Aggregate information systems, regardless of source, message format, or transmission protocol
  • Integrate clinical data from disparate systems and care delivery facilities into a secure, standards-based cloud infrastructure
  • Manage a wide variety of clinical records, document types, and content

Infor CloudSuite Healthcare

Healthcare providers like you face a range of challenges, like implementing mandated reform while adapting to value-based reimbursement-all while focusing on controlling costs.

Infor CloudSuite™ Healthcare offers operational and administrative systems to support expanded responsibilities, transforming financial, supply chain, and HR processes while arming decision makers with insightful data.

Currently, more than 100 healthcare organizations and 1 million subscribers in the United States run on Infor cloud applications.

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Quickly connect data and systems

Legacy Health needed a system to synchronize patient data between electronic health records, lab system, PACS imaging, and more than 35 specialized applications. Today, Legacy sends 4.5 million medical device transmissions daily through Infor Cloverleaf, displayed in Epic, for caregivers and physicians to view data in real or near-real time.

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