Infor Dining POS

Infor Dining POS

Restaurant operating system

Add value to your business at every point

Whether you own a chain of busy bistros or run three hotel food and beverage outlets, your point of sale system is a critical hub of your business. But what if that technology actually helped drive your business?

Elevate your service and increase agility with Infor Dining POS. It's a powerful, easy to use system that lets you create more points of sale, offer a fluid sales experience, integrate sales data and inventory planning, and efficiently manage operations—from the corporate office to the restaurant floor.

Infor Dining POS is initially available in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Infor Dining POS at a glance

  • Fully integrated, mobile point of sale system
  • Dynamic inventory and pricing controls
  • Menu configurability
  • Flexible user roles
  • Cloud-deployed

Flexibility. Efficiency. Resilience.

Infor Dining POS brings together clean, intuitive software design with a feature set developed specifically for the restaurant industry over more than fifteen years. It connects the moving pieces that impact your business most, helping you deliver better service and allowing you to effectively manage cost, production, and staff.


Serve all your users’ needs

With flexible touchscreen configuration and options for web, mobile, and kiosk devices you can offer more customer points of purchase, allowing servers to take orders and process checks quickly. A role-based user interface delivers central management capabilities that can be configured to meet the organizational needs of multi-unit restaurant companies, single hotels with multiple food and beverage outlets, and more.


Access actionable data

Use key metrics and data visualizations to gain fast insights and make informed decisions. Track an item from the loading dock to the table, with extensive analytics all along the way. With local and central control of not only restaurant menus and pricing, but also the stocks of food and beverage inventory needed to create them, you'll be able to turn the volatile nature of your business into a competitive advantage.


Develop more agility

Easy to implement and learn, this POS solution is a powerful tool. With the ability to change and direct all systems from a single location, managers can synchronize efforts to meet promotional goals effectively. Peer-to-peer off-line resilience ensures your service runs smoothly. Industry-specific configurability gives you the flexibility to scale without having to sacrifice attention to the details that delight your diners.

Achieve sustainable business growth

See how the fully integrated Infor Hospitality for Restaurants suite helps decrease costs, raise profits, and build guest loyalty.

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Ultimate deployment flexibility

Infor Dining POS is built for multi-tenant cloud deployment, but also available on premise.

Low maintenance, fast ROI

The system is built on a SQL database for ease of integration and data maintenance.

  • Windows 8, 9, 10 order entry device support
  • HTML-5 multi-browser support
  • Hardware-agnostic

Highlights and core functionality

Manage all functions from one screen

Customizable buttons and multi-lingual capabilities make it easy to configure the order entry screen to specification. Select icons and colors that correlate to your menu offerings. From the intuitive touchscreen, the user only sees the options they need to see within the context of the ordering processwhen it's relevantand can't forget to enter essential details such as food temperature or side dish selections. The same workstation can dynamically switch between functions (bar, table service, takeaway, sundry sales, and more) and check and receipt formats automatically follow suit.

Facilitate staff communication

Orders are requisitioned at the right kitchen or bar printer, promptly and displaying details that are in accordance with your menu item configuration.

Update automatically

A la carte item pricing changes automatically by time period, to accommodate not only seasonally fluctuating prices, but also happy hour discounts and other changes. With the ability to set up to 64 different selling prices per item, your workers won't have to keep track of the clock in order to convey accurate information.

Streamline adjustments

Item and price updates can be controlled centrally or locally, allowing changes to be implemented automatically across the defined system parameters.

Get more functionality with reduced overhead

Manage multiple storage locations and points of sale through a single system, gaining a lower total cost of ownership and a dramatically simplified IT landscape. With the integrated food and beverage stock control module, you can manage requisitions, receiving, stock room inventory and movement, and recipe development without having to engage a third-party solution.

Improve service—everywhere

No matter what type of restaurant experience you offer, Infor Dining POS is hardware-agnostic and functions on fixed stations and handheld devices, enabling staff to produce guest checks efficiently whether orders are taken at the dining table, through room service, or even poolside.

Add (and divide) with ease

With Infor Dining POS, every action is automatically added to the customer's bill. Parties can easily split bills by amount, by item, or by individual customer. All open bills can be accessed at any workstation.

Develop deep market agility

Create a daily prix-fixe with selectable options that let you flex pricing to offset demand and supply volatility. Implement package pricing to produce professional-grade menus for special groups and private events.

Ensure adherence to brand standards

With administrator permissions that can address the complexity of large chains, brand specifications can be broadcast to the entire enterprise, but with different override authority granted to franchised vs. managed locations.

PMS and LDS compatibility

In addition to Infor HMS, Infor Dining POS is able to interface with other leading property management systems including Starlight, Epitome, and Opera, as well as popular liquor dispensing systems.

A new approach to user experience

From billing to inventory management, an intuitive, next-generation interface offers users a familiar, consumer-grade software experience that's designed to facilitate smarter, faster work.

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Built to support menus big and small

With this flexible, scalable solution, you can bring efficiency to restaurant operations of any sizefrom multi-unit franchises and corporate-run outlets to stand-alone establishments.


Free-standing restaurants

  • Create specialized menus for private parties
  • Serve casual and fine dining requirements
  • Streamline menu processing and focus on guests

Hotel dining and lounge outlets

  • Earn favorable reviews with fast and accurate order handling
  • Log in to any outletfrom any workstation
  • Capture more guest spend with mobility and easy room charge capability
  • Monitor stock movement and consumption to control food cost

Multi-unit restaurant companies

  • Centralize menu management and control in the cloud
  • Offer flexible security for franchised vs. corporately managed locations using configurable administrator controls


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Infor Hospitality for Restaurants overview

Reduce turnover, increase sales, and lower labor costs with Infor Hospitality for Restaurants.