Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Industrial Machinery & Equipment

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Purpose-built for Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers

Industrial Machinery and Equipment (IM&E) manufacturers must maintain a commitment to technological innovation in order to retain their leadership in a highly competitive global marketplace. Success requires tightly integrated processes paired with the ability to continuously assess and improve product designs, manufacturing efficiency, product quality, and service.

Infor is leading innovation by providing a global platform for collaboration, maximizing flexibility with cloud deployment, and improving responsiveness with mobile solutions that feature industry-specific analytics, personalized dashboards, and robust, single “version of the truth” reporting.

Advanced solutions with built in domain expertise

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Flexible ERP solutions

Infor has more than 25 years of experience supporting complex manufacturing. Whether you prefer cloud or on-premise deployment, we offer a purpose-built solution suite that manages the complete manufacturing operation, from financials and scheduling to shop floor management, quality control, and analytics. Learn more.


Product quality and performance

Your customers expect industrial machinery and equipment that meets exact specifications and performs with reliable precision. We support all manufacturing strategies, including Engineer to Order, Configure to Order, and Make to Stock. Infor solutions help you manage quality no matter how complex or unique your operations. Learn more.


After-market services

Properly executed after-market services provide many manufacturers with additional sources of revenue and profit. Our solutions help you manage this critical area with ease and efficiency—improving your bottom line with greater customer satisfaction.

Infor ERP in the cloud gives us the scalability to support future growth without forcing us to increase our IT and administrative costs. Having data in the cloud enables us to focus on our core business and leave system, hardware administration, and backup to Infor.

Adrian King CFO
Gloucester Engineering

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Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery

Designed for your vertical, deployed for speed and agility.

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Tailored to the needs of your industry

Infor solutions are purpose built to address the unique needs of manufacturers in your industry and vertical. There is no need to deploy costly modifications that extend implementations and hinder future upgrades.

Appliances and Components

Manufacturers of appliances and the electronic components that go into them rely on Infor solutions to help manage businesses faced with shrinking product margins, shorter life cycles, and volatile demand patterns driven by consumer trends. With Infor solutions, you can:


  • Manage the extended value chain with real-time visibility.
  • Track use of components and parts in detail for accurate inventory.
  • Expedite new product designs and product configurations.

Heavy Machinery

Manufacturers of equipment used in farming, construction, mining, and oil and gas rely on Infor solutions to help them design, build, and maintain equipment that performs to high standards. You can also manage extended service contracts, so you can keep equipment running without unexpected downtime. With Infor solutions, you can:


  • Manage a large volume of complex parts and components.
  • Track as-serviced configurations and the service history of equipment.
  • Manage an extended value chain of suppliers, partners, and fabricators.

Industrial Equipment

Manufacturers of industrial equipment meeting exacting specifications, like those required within commercial heating and refrigeration, turn to Infor solutions to manage a large volume of serialized parts and product configurations. With Infor solutions, you can:


  • Collaborate with customers and partners on frequent change orders.
  • Plan inventory levels, including spares and slow moving production parts.
  • Understand costs to speed quoting and bid processes.

Industrial Machinery

The Industrial Machinery segment covers a wide range of cutting, rolling, fabricating, printing, and packaging capabilities. This complex machinery must meet exact cross-industry specifications and provide reliable performance. Infor solutions help manage the process, from design to production through quality inspection. With Infor solutions, you can:

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  • Monitor and execute strict quality control measures.
  • Track frequent change orders and design configurations.
  • Provide maintenance contracts for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Industrial Power

Industrial Power manufacturers provide mission-critical equipment used as components in other industrial products or as stand-alone solutions that keep facilities running. No wonder the big names in industrial power turn to Infor solutions to manage product lifecycles, from cradle to grave. No other solution provider supports the range of capabilities needed to provide these high quality and reliable products. With Infor solutions, you can:

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  • Collaborate with customers, partners, and suppliers on complex designs, components, and assembly.
  • Maintain visibility with your extended value chain of suppliers and logistics providers.
  • Generate and analyze data to predict performance issues and necessary service.

Material Handling

Manufacturers of material handling equipment, like conveyors and forklifts, rely on Infor solutions to help manage the complex ETO and MTO process involved in manufacturing equipment that will be used in highly critical situations. When there can be no doubt about safety and reliability, Infor solutions provide the confidence your customers demand. With Infor solutions, you can:

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  • Speed product innovation, continually offering new design features with added safety.
  • Maintain accurate, appropriate inventory levels so that orders can be completed on time and as ordered.
  • Provide customers with an enhanced experience by offering extended warranties, service agreements, installation, calibration, inspection, and preventive maintenance.


Manufacturers of transport vehicles, like ships and locomotives, have highly specialized needs. Infor steps up to the challenge by offering end-to-end functionality for the complete product lifecycle management of transport vehicles, from complex engineering designs to MTO production and ongoing maintenance of critical assets. With Infor solutions, you can:

  • Expedite design and engineering specifications for greater innovation and new model launches.
  • Track elongated project management and complex MTO and ETO processes.
  • Monitor costs, resources, and labor to better understand overhead costs and improve bidding.

Infor IM&E industry suite

Infor ERP solutions for IM&E include Infor LN, Infor CloudSuite Industrial and Infor VISUAL.  Each provides end-to-end functionality to efficiently streamline shop floor activities and provide access to critical data on inventory, products, orders, customers, and back office financials. You can also count on advanced after-market service functionality with mobile capabilities.

Capture knowledge about your customizable products once, and then share that knowledge with dealers and your sales force—on any device—to make selection and configuration intuitive and error-free. You can deploy the Configurator for a specific function, or across all your applications and computing platforms.

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Infor EAM gives you the power to improve capital asset management in ways that increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage, and support sustainability initiatives. You can be confident that your critical assets remain operational with no unexpected downtime or costly delays.

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Gain greater visibility into your extended global supply chain to keep products and resources moving to the right place at the right time. With the use of data analytics, collaboration tools, and sensor readings, you can optimize resources and labor, improve inventory and shipping accuracy, deliver the perfect order every time, and respond faster to customer opportunities and market fluctuations.

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Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery provides a pre-configured, scalable, and highly secure global information technology platform tailored to support growth and innovation for industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers. The solution ensures that manufacturers like you can deliver highly engineered products, easily configure and price unique products, manage complex projects, streamline production, coordinate with global suppliers, manage factory floor activities, deliver quality products, and manage service operations. Plus, the solution delivers deep visibility into every aspect of your business.

The solution comes complete with easy to use collaboration and analysis tools that will allow your team to make better decisions faster—exactly when and where they're needed. Strengthened with security and the expertise of Amazon Web Services, your business will stay "forever modern," always equipped with the latest software without the hassle of upgrades or expensive new hardware.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial is the ideal solution for mid-market manufacturers who manufacture industrial machinery and equipment. This is a fully integrated, industry-specific solution suite deployed in the cloud. You get a solution that can help you do anything from manage complex value chains and fast-paced product launches to shorten cycle times and easily manage product configurations, as well as advanced functionality that's backed by decades of practical application and relied upon by over 5,500 customers worldwide.

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We were able to achieve the goal of bringing an international site up and running well under budget and on-time, thanks to cloud deployment. We are also benefitting from the expert operational knowledge and industry best practices that are built into the standard solution.

Abraham Kurian Divisional Information Officer

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