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Infor Property Management includes comprehensive operational, financial and business intelligence offerings for owners, investors and managers operating in Residential, Commercial, Student Housing, Affordable and Senior Care/ Assisted Living segments.

Our “Architecture of the Internet” enables customers to start where they have the biggest need and can add the most value to their business and evolve over time to take on additional capabilities to their footprint when it makes sense. The result is shorter implementation times, less investment to maintain, and lower total cost of ownership.

Infor Property Management is cloud-based, and is designed to provide access to your business performance any time, any place, on any device.


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Infor Property Management gives you unmatched power to solve the property management puzzle, so that you can manage more effectively, save time, and drive cash flow.

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Infor Property Management helps:

  • Manage Properties:

    • Gain control and visibility to all aspects of every asset – understand occupancy rates, minimize transition lag between tenants, see all key assets related to properties and optimize their maintenance schedules.
    • Manage pricing more effectively based on unique property attributes and customer segments.
    • Tailor your system to securely control: access to data, expense management, and reporting.

    Attract & Retain Tenants:

    • Target new tenants effectively to increase cash flow and overall performance.
    • Respond to tenant needs more quickly to deliver superior customer service.
    • Understand strong or profitable tenants vs. those that bog down your investment.

    Drive Growth:

    • Capitalize on insightful analytics and unprecedented visibility into all aspects of your business to drive collaboration, operational excellence, profitability and growth.

A diverse set of customers

Infor Property Management is one of the largest solution providers for both owners and managers of properties.

We serve a broad expanse of customers with 1,000 units up to 50,000 or more. We serve leaders in multi-family, student housing, affordable, commercial and senior care/assisted living across the United States and in Canada.

Specialized by industry

Infor Property Management easily adapts to unique operating needs of different industry segments.

Infor Property Management: do more

Most Proven; Consistent Innovator:
First with web portals. First to be browser agnostic. First with web apps. Access your vital business data when you want it, where you want and on any device.

Most Robust:
Architect a Solution designed to address your business challenges. Own the software or subscribe to the solution. Deploy on your premises or Infor's. Buy only what you need when you need it.

Most Efficient:
Infor Property Management is easy use and deploy for your diverse organization that's located across states, providing all layers of the organization shared visibility into business operations and the opportunity to gain new and faster insights around opportunities and risks that exist and address them in a more disciplined, systematic way – all for a low cost of ownership.

Specialized by industry.
Engineered for speed.
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