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Built from the Ground Up for Public Sector

Public Sector organizations face unique challenges. The services you provide and the needs you work to meet are as diverse as your constituents. Add resource constraints to the mix, and the puzzle of how to effectively serve a 21st century populous becomes even more difficult to solve.

Few industries have a greater need for purpose-built, flexible software solutions, and few organizations have more experience delivering them than Infor. Serving over 3900 public sector organizations, including 9 of the top 10 US cities, 3 of the top 5 transit authorities, and 19 of the 20 largest states, Infor offers the most complete, integrated, end-to-end solution for the public sector.

The Infor Public Sector Advantage

Infor’s Public Sector solutions are built from the ground up to help you simplify the overall business of managing government, address citizen concerns sooner, improve planning and reporting, and maximize both revenue and capital investments.


Purpose Built

Get government-specific capabilities built in, not bolted on, with Infor Public Sector. Our solutions combine decades of practical application with the latest innovations to give you technology that is proven effective and designed to help you thrive in a modern world.

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Seamlessly connect systems across departments to eliminate information silos and improve coordination. Out-of-the-box integrations with financial and human capital management, permitting and billing, and asset management solutions, as well as 311 call center portals, give you comprehensive capabilities without sacrificing efficiency or visibility.



Get public sector solutions that are as easy to use, attractive, and inspiring as consumer software. The Infor User Experience wraps your enterprise applications in an elegant, consumer-inspired user experience and delivers social business capabilities that empower your departments to communicate and collaborate efficiently.

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Greenville County Schools Partners with Infor

Greenville County Schools saved 24 work days per year by automating bank reconciliations, cut costs by $50,000 by buying commonly used items in bulk and distributing them when needed, and eliminated 20 invoices per month from just one vendor.

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Specialized needs, specialized solutions

One size fits all software simply cannot effectively meet the requirements of public sector organizations. Your needs as a K-12 administrator aren’t the same as those of a City Manager or a 311 call center. Infor doesn’t just understand these differences. We have decades of experience with building and implementing software solutions designed specifically to meet them.

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Federal Government

Infor's application suite addresses federal agencies' operational needs and most pressing issues. Compliant with the most demanding regulations and available from Infor or its partners through a wide range of contract vehicles, including NASA SEWP, GSA-70, and many others, Infor Public Sector can help your federal agency address increasing demands in the face of frozen or shrinking budgets.

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  • Asset, fleet and property management
  • Energy conservation and material management
  • Financial management and audit readiness
  • Supply chain and procurement
  • Human resources and labor management
  • Healthcare automation
  • Advanced integration, cloud, and hosting technologies

Clients include:

  • US Department of Defense
  • US Department of Treasury
  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • US Department of Energy
  • US Department of Veterans Affairs
  • US Congress


More than 3,600 customers globally use Infor Public Sector to monitor road conditions and maintenance on some of the most complex, heavily traveled street and highway systems anywhere. Infor’s solutions allow you to organize, manage, and monitor road repairs, bridges, signs, signal systems, repair facilities, inspection programs, required documentation, and thousands of other critical details.

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  • Public transit operations
  • Rail operations
  • Airport operations
  • Discreet asset management
  • Linear asset management
  • Capital planning & budgeting
  • Maintenance/work order management
  • Call management
  • Grants life-cycle management

And more.

State and Local Government

Infor Public Sector solutions helps more than 1200 local and municipal governments worldwide respond with unmatched intelligence, speed, and flexibility. Decision makers get a single version of the truth, encompassing all aspects of agency operations and allowing coordinated responses that cross multiple departments.

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  • Finance and corporate performance
  • Billing
  • Asset management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Libraries
  • 311 Call Centers
  • BI and analytics
  • Integration

Public Safety

For more than 20 years, Infor has been providing emergency response agencies with fast, comprehensive, reliable dispatch systems that help them respond more quickly and be better prepared. Our solutions help hundreds of agencies across North America improve call response times and disseminate critical information accurately and quickly to better protect both responders and citizens.

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  • Computer-aided dispatch (CAD)
  • Records management systems (RMS)
  • Mapping
  • Mobile data computing
  • Field-based reporting
  • Automatic vehicle locating
  • 911 call centers
  • Compliance and audit
  • BI and analytics
  • Integration (Prison Healthcare, Courts, EMS, etc.)

Customers include:

  • Montgomery County, TX
  • Illinois State Toll Highway Authority
  • Maricopa County
  • LA County
  • American Medical Response

K-12 Administration

Infor Public Sector offers one of the most advanced solutions available for today's K-12 educational institutions. Our solutions are currently helping 40 K-12 organizations effectively control costs, manage facilities, and deliver first-rate educational outcomes.

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  • Human resource management
  • Race to the Top program documentation
  • Plant and equipment maintenance and custody
  • Financial management
  • Outcome accountability
  • Grants lifecycle management
  • Funding formulas
  • BI and analytics
  • Transparency


Infor Public Sector offers the broadest assortment of software solutions available for today's utilities. With specialized solutions for water and sewer systems, as well as above and below ground assets, Infor Public Sector is helping hundreds of the world’s most demanding environments maximize reliability and reduce costs.

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  • Water utility operations
  • Billing
  • Discreet asset management
  • Linear asset management
  • Capital planning & budgeting
  • Maintenance/work order management
  • Call management
  • Grants life-cycle management
  • Project/contract management

Higher Education

Infor offers purpose built software solutions designed to address the unique requirements of colleges and universities. From balancing the need to increase enrollments but keep costs in line to optimizing the value of equipment and property, Infor Public Sector helps higher education institutions drive efficiency and effectively support their educational missions.

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  • Enterprise asset management
  • Human capital management
  • Enterprise financial management
  • Grants lifecycle management
  • BI and analytics
  • Transparency


With Infor Library solutions, you get end-to-end automation, so your staff can manage resources of any kind more easily and deliver excellent service. Hundreds of libraries worldwide rely on Infor to better manage operations, including circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, serials management, reporting, and more.

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  • Circulation
  • Cataloguing
  • Acquisitions
  • Serials
  • Reporting
  • Web-based analytics
  • Schedule-based dashboard creations
  • RFID units
  • Payment stations and sorting solutions




The rising importance of “where” in government

Read this report from Public CIO to learn how governments are harnessing geographic information systems (GIS), location apps, geo tracking, and Geo-IP to make better decisions, improve communication, and generate cost savings. You’ll also learn how mobility is being used to support location-based services and increase citizen engagement.

Read the report

The Infor Public Sector solution suite includes:


Finance and enterprise performance management

Improve business transparency and strengthen financial discipline with proven functionality that covers core financial management, budgeting and planning, grant management, project and activity accounting, and student activity management.

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Human capital management

Effectively manage your human resources function and streamline payroll operations with Infor’s core HR, benefits, and payroll capabilities. Infor’s comprehensive HCM suite includes talent, workforce, and learning management; HR service delivery; and talent science.

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Customer relationship management

Capitalize on multiple channels of communication, including centralized call centers, Internet, faxes, email, interactive voice response, and self-service kiosks. Infor’s solution consolidates communication channels, integrates back office operations, and integrates GIS functionality so front-line staff can serve customers more effectively.

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Utility Billing

Serve customers professionally and efficiently every day with Infor’s cutting-edge customer information system (CIS) tools. Our comprehensive utility billing software suite is designed specifically for local and state agencies' water, wastewater, storm, and refuse customers.

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Asset Management

Manage your assets more effectively and economically with the help of the world's foremost government-specific asset management solution. You can improve asset efficiency, conduct condition analysis, and perform advanced asset analysis. This solution can deployed separately or as part of an enterprise suite.

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Continuous Monitoring

Minimize the risk of noncompliance and security breaches and save hundreds of hours each audit cycle with Infor’s continuous monitoring solution, which identifies, defines, and monitors for risks and controls and automates testing to expose exceptions and violations. Automatically find and report cybersecurity issues by identifying exceptions and security breakdowns within and across networks with Infor's cybersecurity technology. Your cybersecurity professionals can flag exceptions, drilldown into emerging threats, collaborate with other stakeholders, and resolve issues as they happen.

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Aggregate disparate information systems and data, regardless of the source system, message format, or transmission protocol, with Infor’s integration technology. You can facilitate the movement of secure data through disparate systems within and outside your organization.

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Community Development and Regulation

Compensate for shrinking budgets and increasing citizen demand by streamlining your CDR inspection process. Perform inspections and synchronize data remotely to save time while allowing field workers to focus on mission critical tasks.

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Additional solutions

Infor Public Sector also includes Infor Pathway for Australia and New Zealand, as well as solutions for libraries; hospitality/government lodging; police, fire and EMS emergency dispatch, and construction and property management.

CloudSuite Public Sector

Infor CloudSuite™ Public Sector is a complete suite of applications made for all levels of government—including federal, municipal, education, public safety, transit, and utilities.

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Budgeting & Planning

Get a complete, integrated platform for compliance, budgeting, planning and KPI Dashboards with Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM).

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Business Intelligence

Infor Business Intelligence solutions streamline and accelerate the processes of gathering, analyzing, reporting, and planning key business information.

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