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What it does

Federal government' responsibilities aren't limited to business hours. That means being prepared for anything, at any time. Agency operations need to stay flexible while still providing services and products to meet mission and business needs today and into the future. Infor software helps federal agencies work more securely and efficiently, stay on budget, deliver transparency to citizens, and achieve the best possible performance from the workforce they lead and the assets they own.

The Federal market is truly unique as it cuts across multiple industry micor-verticals where one size does not fit all. Examples include: Defense & Intelligence, Transportation, Healthcare, Energy & Environment, Homeland Security, Science & Technology, Finance & Banking, to name a few. There are common elements and master data components that can and should be leveraged, but there is also clearly different operational needs that must be met.

Infor' comprehensive suite of applications addresses federal agencies' operational needs and most pressing issues, including audit readiness, compliance, information and data security, property and asset lifecycle management, talent management, and daily business operations. Compliant with the most demanding regulations, and available from Infor or its partners through a wide range of contract vehicles, including NASA SEWP, GSA-70, and many others, Infor Public Sector can help your federal agency  address increasing demands in the face of frozen or shrinking budgets.

What it is

Infor and its expert channel partners understand the unique challenges federal agencies face every day. That's why we created an Infor  suite of purpose-built solutions for federal agencies' most pressing issues, including:

  • Infor EAM. Monitor federal facilities, property, and assets for top performance, optimal utilization improved maintenance, energy efficiencies, and supply chain efficiencies.
  • Infor Human Capital Management. Decrease HR cycle time and costs across your agency with employee and manager self-service capabilities. Ensure that employees are being used effectively, trained properly, and that all labor contracts and regulations are observed.
  • Infor Workforce Management.  Measure and analyze workforce performance to enable long term strategic planning.  Optimize budgets and control payroll costs while recruiting and developing a workforce to support your agency mission
  • Infor Approva Continuous Monitoring. Maintain audit readiness, prepare for inspections, and meet continuous diagnostics and mitigation requirements with ease.
  • Infor Hospitality. Get a secure hotel, national park lodge, or military base lodging reservation that takes you through the entire reservation distribution process.
  • Infor CRM. Keep track of transactions with both citizens and internal/external customer to ensure effective service delivery.
  • Infor Federal Healthcare. Provide financial, HCM, WFM, EAM and clinical data interoperability solutions that standardize and automate processes and deliver more effective service and better care in VA or military health care organizations.

What it means

Infor solutions for the federal government encompass a collection of applications to streamline critical federal agency functions, from facility and personnel management to sophisticated financial management across multiple organizations within a department. Backed by more than 25 years of federal government experience, Infor helps you meet all the demands your agency or department faces, including:

  • Dynamic budgeting and performance management
  • Continuous monitoring, mitigation, and audit readiness
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Human capital management: core & non-core
  • Base operations: billing, permitting, and licensing
  • Financial management and control

With Infor solutions, your federal agency will operate more quickly and efficiently. Our next-generation technology lets workers find the right information at a glance, allowing them to complete tasks quickly and get more done. With a complete range of deployment options, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid configurations, Infor offers rapid implementation to get your agency up and running fast.


Infor Solutions for the Federal Government

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Infor Approva Continuous Monitoring for Cyber Security

Infor Approva Continuous Monitoring for Cyber Security  

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