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Welcome to the Inforum 2012 featured sessions


Inforum 2012 was a great gathering of more than 5,000 Infor and Lawson customers, partners, industry experts and thought leaders that showcased how businesses can run smarter and faster with Infor's innovative, specialized technology to help drive growth, enhance competitiveness, and boost profitability. 

This video collection offers a recap of Inforum highlights - the two General Sessions and several tech talks from the Executive Forum.

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General Session - Monday, April 23

video-icons-120x88px-inforum2012-day1-openingvid1.jpg Go Faster
Today the basis for competition is speed. Watch the exciting video that kicked off Inforum 2012. Watch now.

Charles Phillips, Chief Executive Officer
Phillips reintroduces the 'New' Infor as the world's largest software startup, and gives an overview of new leadership, new emphasis on product innovation and deep focus on 13 industries. Watch now.

Melanie Lougee, Product Strategist, HR Service Delivery
Lougee lays out Infor's end-to-end Human Capital Management solutions, and details Infor's unique HR Service Delivery Suite, the "fastest-growing, next big thing" in self-service HR solutions. Watch now.
Duncan Angove, Infor President, Products and Support and Soma Somasundaram, EVP, Global Product Development
Angove and Somasundaram explain how speed is engineered right into Infor's next generation of industry-complete applications to change the way work gets done. Watch now.

General Session - Tuesday, April 24

video-icons-120x88px-inforum2012-flyinglogos1.jpg Day 2 Opening Video
Hear Infor customers. Watch now.

Stephan Scholl, Infor President
Scholl leads discussions with key customers Ferrari and Providence Health, product partner IBM, and philanthropy partner Habitat for Humanity about how they are breaking with tradition to improve success. Watch now.

Inforum Tech Talks

Phillips and Benioff: Industry Renaissance Time
Infor CEO Charles Phillips and CEO Marc Benioff discuss the burgeoning industry renaissance marked by integration, collaboration, openness and social networks. Watch now.
Benioff and Phillips: Social Network Driver
Inforum featured guest Marc Benioff, CEO, tells Infor CEO Charles Phillips how social networks are driving a business evolution based on multiple touchpoints and deep customer interaction. Watch now.
Phillips and Benioff: Privacy Concerns
CEOs Charles Phillips and Marc Benioff lay out the various privacy concerns for businesses surrounding use of personal information and preferences of consumers, customers and employees. Watch now.
Benioff and Phillips: A Flat Organization
Empower your people. Infor's Charles Phillips asks's Marc Benioff how his own social enterprise company fosters collaboration internally among its employees. Watch now.
Phillips and Benioff: Salesforce Automation
Marc Benioff details the importance of Salesforce Automation and tells Infor CEO Charles Phillips how the product has stayed pivotal by evolving, with new tools, into a social front office. Watch now.
Benioff and Phillips: Next Five Years Think Facebook
What's coming in five years, asks Charles Phillips. We all need to mirror Facebook, Marc Benioff says, because feeds will be the dominant user interface of our industry; all software will be feed-based. Watch now.

April 23, 2012 8:00-9:30AM MDT 

Go Faster: From Infor's Vision to Results

Hear Infor's executives insights on how the third largest business software company is revolutionizing the software market and making a difference in how customers buy and deploy technology.  Infor's leaders will share the company's vision and strategy, provide a preview of the latest innovative technology developments, and introduce customers who are leveraging these solutions and making major impacts within their organizations.

April 24, 2012 8:00-9:00AM MDT

Go Deeper:  Expertise and Partnerships

This fast-moving session digs deeper into the expertise and partnerships behind Infor's momentum and success.  Learn more about how Infor is partnering with customers and technology leaders to drive change today and tomorrow through Cloud and mobile platforms.  You will hear from key customers, partners and our own technology experts about Infor's  latest and upcoming innovations.

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