Infor acquires Predictix

Infor acquires Predictix


Infor has acquired Predictix, a groundbreaking provider of cloud-native, predictive, and machine-learning solutions for retailers. Through the completed acquisition, Infor CloudSuite™ Retail will be enhanced with Infor Retail Demand Management, a new product with modules that support demand forecasting, merchandise financial planning, lifecycle pricing, assortment planning, replenishment optimization, and more.


Building Infor Retail together with Predictix

Learn how Infor's acquisition of Predictix brings together deep analytics and science to transform how retailers fulfill demand and manage supply.

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The synergies between Infor and Predictix were greater than we could have hoped, and we’ve come to appreciate a great cultural alignment where both teams have passionate people who work hard and want to make a difference in retail and beyond. Buying out the other Predictix investors makes sense to bring the teams together and provide the scale and resources needed to accelerate the retail revolution.

Charles Phillips CEO

Predictix at a glance

  • Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
  • Founded: 2009
  • Employees: 155
  • Customers: Global customer base including 5 of the top 15 leading retailers
  • Website:

Infor and Predictix

  • Infor is helping to revolutionize the retail industry with a next-generation application suite for today's networked economy, designed to take advantage of the latest consumer and business technologies.
  • Predictix changes the game for retailers by providing cloud-native predictive and prescriptive analytics. 
  • Predictix and Infor are highly complementary in products, culture, and dedication to the retail industry.

"From my point of view, long in the tooth time-series approaches to forecasting and analytics that inform pricing, assortment, promotion, and other demand shaping tactics have run their course. They fall far short of what’s needed today. They were designed and tuned for a different era—before elastic, scalable, subscription cloud environments, operationalized machine learning, inexpensive data storage, and the complexities, scale, and speed of omni-channel retail. Going forward leading retailers will take advantage of these advances for financial benefits, operational efficiencies, and customer loyalty."


IDC Retail Insights

Infor Retail Demand Management

These key applications, powered by Predictix, enable a retailer to plan, assort, price, and buy inventory for their stores and fulfillment locations. Learn more ›

Tailor assortments to how and where customers shop

Grow sales and margins up to 5% with higher sell-throughs and reduced clearance markdowns. Your assortments speak loudly about who you are - bring them to life by working and thinking like your customers to localize the way you create, plan, and manage assortments.

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Approach products the way your customers do

Selecting the right products for your customers has always been at the core of retailing. As consumers are offered infinite choices and information online and in-app, it's more important than ever to quickly create and update assortments your customers want. Our modern approach to category management goes well beyond providing informational decision trees, allowing you to begin thinking about products as portfolios of substitutable items (the way your customers do).

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Align actions with corporate strategies

Knowing how and where profit is made across time is critical to making the detailed assortment, price, space, and fulfillment decisions. Infor Merchandise Financial Planning offers much more than a spreadsheet on steroids, helping buyers and executives to align across your entire organization.

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Control network flow for maximum value

Reduce inventory levels while maintaining service levels with the assistance of Infor's machine learning-driven supply chain optimization solution.  Our solution considers billions of variable combinations and helps the supply chain planner determine how much to flow, when to flow, between what nodes, and using which modes of transportation to maximize the retailer's objective, while satisfying the projected demands from all channels, and contemplating business constraints.

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See how pricing decisions impact customer behaviors

Consumer price transparency is the new norm. Customers have real-time mobile access to the best prices available; using only batch-based, rules-driven pricing will not deliver the competitive prices your customers expect. Infor's full life-cycle pricing decision systems understand which pricing decisions change customer behaviors. Our approach empowers retailers to make informed price investments and avoid needless or wasteful price declines that reduce margin and fail to improve customer perception or loyalty.

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Drive higher sales, margin, and loyalty

Build your assortments by leveraging consumer-driven insights to grow sales and margins by up to 5%. Understand your customer preferences with a solution built for hardlines categories like electronics, sporting, and home improvement so you can improve the way you plan, differentiate your assortment, and better manage your business.

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Harness the power of machine learning

Your customers aren't just numbers; your forecasts shouldn't be either. Know what motivates your customers so you can draw them to you. Through a unique approach to demand forecasting driven by the power of machine learning, you can improve the most difficult forecasts of promotions and new items by up to 50% and realize sales and margin expansion that considers the impacts of assortment, pricing, allocation, and replenishment decisions.

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Identify core drivers to profitability

With all of the information, meetings, and insights that are commonly available to retailers, it is critical to move beyond planning just a small portion of assortments at the item level. Today's marketplace demands an expanded view that takes into consideration location and personalization. Infor's modern item planning solution will help you insure all of your assortments contribute to sales and margin targets without creating inventory hang-overs requiring huge markdowns.

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Expand fulfillment options efficiently

Reduce total inventory levels by up to 20% with our global network approach to transportation optimization. Retailers are offering an endless array of fulfillment options and terms that add significant complexity to optimize the flow of goods to fulfillment locations in a way that minimizes the cost. Infor's machine learning-assisted approach improves in-stocks and expands fulfillment options while reducing total inventory levels and associated costs.

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Clear items at the best price by location

Infor provides up to 50% more accurate forecasts for the most challenging pricing situations, driving more predictable and profitable regular, markdown, and clearance pricing decisions. With our combined end of life allocation and markdown optimization approach, markdowns achieve up to 20% higher revenues than with traditional solutions.

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The past six months of collaboration between Infor and Predictix has delivered innovation at a pace never seen before in retail software, which is crucial as the industry battles disruption. Becoming part of Infor will further accelerate our retail revolution by providing scale and integrating two teams that sit at the intersection of cloud, analytics, machine learning, and self-service.

Molham Aref CEO

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Predictix and Infor are highly complementary in products, culture, and dedication to the retail industry. Combining Predictix merchandising, pricing, and assortment planning with Infor's multi-enterprise ERP, HCM, supply chain, PLM, eCommerce, science, and digital asset management solutions, the combination of technology delivers the most modern and robust solution to deal with the retail industry's scale and complexity.

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