Infor 2D Design Automation

Infor 2D Design Automation

Visualize and develop your products with ease

Complex, configured products can be hard to select and configure. You need tools that make the process intuitive and virtually error-free.

With Infor 2D Design Automation, you can bring your products to life by providing immediate visual confirmation of the product, its features, and options. You'll be able to reduce order errors by providing real-time visual feedback of selected options. And, you can eliminate non-value-added time by generating configuration-specific outputs for use by sales and manufacturing.

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Infor CPQ Demo for Doors

Four-minute product demo on how Infor CPQ addresses tough customer challenges with a complete solution, driving real value by increasing sales, reducing costs and differentiating your brand.

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De Carlo Infissi S.p.A

Italy's premier wooden door and window manufacturer provides its sales network with instant access to 2D product information from anywhere.

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See how Infor 2D Design can help you


What it is

Infor 2D Design Automation is a powerful geometry engine that works with Infor Product Configurator to dynamically generate dimensionally accurate 2D visuals. The system produces outputs in a variety of raster formats, including jpeg, and gif, as well as vector formats.

Add Infor 2D Design Automation to Infor Product Configurator, and you gain the ability to visualize configured products in dynamic two-dimensional images. You'll also get real-time visual feedback on the options you select, leading to reduced order errors. Finally, you'll get configuration-specific outputs for use by sales and manufacturing, which reduces time and errors.


What it does

With Infor 2D Design Automation, you get tools for:

Product visualization—Get immediate confirmation that a configured product looks exactly the way the customer wants it to look. You can run interactively as an integral part of the configuration process or after you've made all configuration selections.

Output generation—Run 2D drawings after the configuration process is complete to generate other 2D output files for use in bid, proposal, and submittal documents.

Dimensional calculation—Query the Infor 2D Design Automation geometry engine for values it calculates based upon inputs from the configurator. The system passes key driving dimensions to the geometry engine, which resolves the constraints and dimensional relationships to calculate the values of derived dimensions that can then be used in the configuration session.

Developing models with popular CAD tools—You can use the 2D sketching
capabilities of popular CAD systems, enhanced with Infor 2D Design Automation, to create the parametric 2D template models used by the geometry engine.


What it means

With Infor 2D Design Automation you can:

  • Reduce order errors by providing dimensionally accurate visual confirmation of product configurations.
  • Reduce engineering resource costs by automating the creation of drawings and CAD files.
  • Provide value-added sales deliverables that might otherwise be too costly to produce.
  • Streamline production and help ensure quality by providing manufacturing with configuration-specific drawings.
  • Simplify product modules by using a powerful geometric engine for complex calculations.
  • Turn existing drawings into "smart" 2D models in a matter of hours, making it easier to maintain complex logins.

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