Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management

Gain control and minimize risk

Drive insightful and efficient contract processes

Infor Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) improves the creation, negotiation, execution, and management of contracts throughout their development. The application treats key terms, conditions, and clauses as attributes and provides insights on those elements.

By doing away with a document-centric approach and incorporating an intuitive user experience design, Infor CLM accelerates and streamlines all enterprise contract processes, helping to shorten sales cycles and reduce costs while also generating context-rich analytics to help manage risk and optimize performance.

Infor Contract Lifecycle Management at a glance

  • Attribute-centric architecture
  • Rules-based contract creation
  • Rich analytics
  • Fast customization
  • End-to-end visibility and compliance monitoring
  • Intuitive UX

Unique capabilities

Infor CLM transforms the way organizations manage risk associated with contract development, making it easy to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, minimize liability, and control details at each step.


Dynamically create new contracts

Through rules-based definition, Infor CLM enables dynamic contract creations, providing users with policy guidance and compliance recommendations through every stage of the contracting process.


Review and monitor with ease

Infor CLM increases visibility over terms, conditions, and clauses. Instead of embedding these details into long documents, the solution designates them as attributes and makes it easy for reviewers to quickly see the key characteristics of each contract.


Boost efficiency and user adoption

Providing an intuitive, consumer-grade user experience that is optimized for all devices, Infor CLM is easy to learn. The application’s templates allow for customization so that users can generate differentiated documents with ease.

Infor Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) has been designed from the ground up to solve our customers’ key pain points with their current contracting processes and do it in a manner that is intuitive, accessible from any device and fast. Infor CLM provides companies with a single effective tool that: shines a bright light on their contracting processes, provides key information about what is being agreed to, ensures the right people are involved at every step of the process, and provides a central repository for contract storage and retrieval.

Eric D. Bender Product Director

Global, secure cloud deployment

Enabling fast return on investment, Infor CLM is available as a multi-tenant subscription service deployed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Highlights and core functionality

Deliver as promised

Infor CLM’s attribute-centric approach helps you deliver on your commitments as promised by efficiently monitoring key terms in the contract.

Get an informed perspective

Offering data insights beyond the contract that is in development, Infor CLM draws comparison to similar contracts in order to support informed decision making.


Optimize value

By tracking margin impact at all stages of contract negotiation, the application enables you to quickly assess proposals and maximize values throughout the contract lifecycle, without having to review each document individually—saving time and money, while also providing better clarity during the negotiation stage.

Track obligations

Whereas MS Word APIs offer only document-centric views of contracts, Infor CLM’s attribute-centric approach helps you track values, monitor dates and commitments, and set up alerts and notifications, facilitating much more efficient management of each contract, post-execution.

Transitioning to the cloud

See how Infor is helping customers increase agility, lower total cost of ownership, and improve platform security in the cloud.

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Experience the new Infor CLM


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Social collaboration

Infor Ming.le™ embeds a centralized collaboration platform within Infor CLM, enabling employees to work together across sites and easily share information.

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Built to work beautifully

Infor’s next-generation applications replace confusing workflows, disorderly interfaces, and complicated screens with a beautiful, consumer-grade interface. By leveraging HTML5, users can securely access information from a wide range of browsers and devices.

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