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Infor e-Commerce is a self-service, sell-side web application designed to bridge your sales processes to your customers' procurement processes. Delivered with extensive pre-built functionality, it supports pre-order, order, and post-order processes. It also allows you to collaborate with your customers to varying degrees, as you can model the processes within Infor e-Commerce to address the varying process requirements of individual users. It can be configured for business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B).

With Infor e-Commerce, you'll get the tools you need to compete in what will soon be an "always on" world when it comes to commerce.


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What it is

Infor e-Commerce is an Internet-based customer ordering and self-service application and platform that not only provides typical web-shop functionality, but also delivers information to companies that operate a variety of trading channels-including companies with a highly mixed customer base that may offer many products, manage multiple product assortments, and maintain multiple catalogs.

Infor e-Commerce provides a single view of customer-facing processes, reducing the cost of order administration by offering customers online access to products and services. With Infor e-Commerce, your company can go online quickly and economically with an integrated solution that extends your customer-service offering. Unlike other alternatives, Infor e-Commerce is complete, ready to run, easy to use, Infor ION-based, and integrated to Infor ERP (enterprise resource planning) application suites.

With Infor e-Commerce, you get:

  • The highest degree of flexibility and configurability at the lowest cost, because you can interface the solution with Infor ERP systems, as well as with systems from other vendors
  • Exposure to a wider audience
  • A single view of customer-facing processes
  • Lower order-administration costs
  • Enhanced company branding and market presence

What it does

Unlike many other e-commerce solutions, Infor e-Commerce collaborates seamlessly with your overall IT environment and can use information that's stored anywhere in your business system. It allows you to win new customers and retain current ones by adapting to customers' process requirements in a cost-efficient manner.

Infor e-Commerce provides your customers and partners with up-to-date product information, specifications, cost, alternate product availability, and order tracking-all through a self-service, Internet-based entry point. It gives you more direct interfacing time with customers, and can have a strong impact on the productivity and profitability levels of your sales force. If you manage complex trading channels with a highly mixed customer base or offer a range of catalogs and an assortment of products, then e-Commerce is right for you.

What it means

You'll have the power to:

  • Reduce your order administration costs.
  • Reach a wider audience.
  • Get to market quicker.
  • Better meet customer needs.
  • Enhance your company branding and market presence.
  • Maximize your visibility in search-engine rankings, while lowering the time and effort you have to put into search engine optimization (SEO) activities.
  • Bridge your sales processes to your customers' procurement processes.
  • Fully collaborate with your business partners on inter- and intra-company orders, order approvals, online product catalogs, segmented product assortments, search engines, multiple order flows, and order tracking and invoicing.
  • Win new customers and retain current ones by adapting to your customers' process requirements in a cost-efficient manner, because e-Commerce integrates seamlessly with your overall IT environment and is able to use all information-including available to promise (ATP), prices, and deliveries—stored anywhere in your business system.

The Infor e-Commerce difference

Infor e-Commerce secures your transactions while letting your customers do business with you in the way in which they're accustomed, and in the way that they prefer.

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