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Master the distribution cycle

The distribution industry operates at high speed and requires a significant amount of agility.  Managing large quantities of stock-keeping units (SKUs), meeting high availability needs, and trying to satisfy instant or next-day demand, often require special sourcing.

With Infor M3 for Distribution you are able to increase supply chain visibility; have better control of your trading relationships; and be more competitive in selling, sourcing, and shipping.

Although distribution is a complex business, it can typically be described as these basic activities, which are performed in a continuous cycle.

Plan. Planning relates directly to how you predict and manage the flow of products and services within your supply chain. You must be able to plan using large amounts of information across your entire organizational network. Smart planning can have a huge impact on customer service levels and the amount of capital tied up in investments. With Infor M3 for Distribution, you can intelligently plan using tools for demand planning, supply chain planning, inventory planning, and distribution requirement planning.

Buy. The buying process is made up of activities that help ensure supplies of products are at optimal prices. With Infor M3 for Distribution, you'll easily accomplish all aspects of the buying process, including sourcing, purchase costing, purchase order processing, purchase delivery schedules, supplier performance, and more.

Hold. Holding inventory is an expensive and resource-intensive activity. As customers demand high availability or short lead times, distributors have historically been forced to hold large inventories stocks. You need tools that give a consistent view of all inventories and efficiently support all of the activities associated with storing goods. With Infor M3 for Distribution, you'll keep costs down and reduce resources needed for warehouse management, inventory management, multi-site distribution, and product data management.

Sell. While relationship management in procurement is based on cultivating advantageous relationships with suppliers, relationship management in sales has everything to do with providing better service to the customer. Ultimately, this is the greatest competitive difference that a wholesaler and distributor can offer in this margin-driven industry. You'll improve your customer service and drive more sales with Infor M3 for Distribution's multi-channel sales, customer order management, comprehensive pricing, value-added services, customer relationship management, intercompany trading, delivery, and transportation capabilities.


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