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It's likely your health system includes hundreds of applications to support your financial, clinical, and operational needs. Having data flow freely among systems and departments without sacrificing the clarity and integrity of information is critical. Bridging the divide between expenses and revenue capture is essential to improving efficiency and productivity for better financial results. It's necessary to turn your data and insight into streamlined processes to reduce risk and improve patient care.


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What it is

Infor Healthcare specializes in data and system integration. We've built a connector to bridge data. This connectivity platform is called the Infor Lawson Clinical Bridge.

Infor Lawson Clinical Bridge provides best practice healthcare connections for Infor Lawson business applications and key clinical systems, such as Epic. Powered by the Infor Cloverleaf Integration Engine, Clinical Bridge adapters for ERP link clinical, financial, and operational systems.

These adaptors are built to connect to specific data sources, map to the appropriate fields, and make this information available where it's needed most, with your users when they need to make informed decisions. When you take advantage of pre-built, fully tested adaptors to connect your software solutions, you'll get up and running faster with the confidence that you'll have all the functionality and reliability you need to get on with your work and focus on more pressing priorities.

What it does

Many leaders of healthcare IT organizations simply don't have the resources to address all of their connectivity needs-they need to rely on experts who are familiar with the best practices that have been proven across thousands of other healthcare organizations around the world.  

With Infor Lawson Clinical Bridge, you'll be able to seamlessly:

  • Capture supply demand automatically from your clinical systems.
  • Automate your patient refund process, including status updates of checks.
  • Flow patient information automatically between ADT, point of use, scheduling, case scheduling, and billing systems.
  • Provide surgery systems with complete and up-to-date information continuously.
  • Track supplies used by high revenue areas, such as the cath lab or interventional radiology.
  • Automate posting of captured charges from clinical department inventory systems to your billing system.
  • Automate your patient revenue posting process.
  • Post utilization expenses, at the time of use, directly into your patient revenue system.
  • Establish rapid connectivity between your clinical and business systems.
  • Download pre-built, test connectivity adaptors with version control and Infor's best practice expertise built-in.
  • Transfer to Infor the responsibility to support the content of these connectors instead of relying on your internal IT staff.

What it means

With Infor Lawson Clinical Bridge you can expect:

  • Connectivity that drives real value-built for you.
  • Connectivity across clinical, financial, and operational systems, in near-real-time, to ensure resources are working with accurate data.
  • Optimized service delivery for healthcare connections for Lawson business applications and key clinical systems, such as Epic. 
  • Reduced costly point-to-point interfaces and manual data entry.
  • More strategic use of resources to focus on patient care.

The ability to immediately share data and information across the enterprise improves decision making, streamlines revenue capture, reduces costs and ultimately improves the quality of care by allowing healthcare providers to spend less time on administrative functions and more time focused on patient care.

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Infor Clinical Bridge

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