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If you've implemented an electronic medical record (EMR) system, you know that you can't continue to operate in silos. Health Information Exchange (HIE) is no longer an option; it is the foundation you need to consolidate patient information across your enterprise to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes.  Healthcare today demands that you connect to the medical community and disparate systems, efficiently deliver results, manage the exchange of clinical summaries, support non-EMR providers, facilitate referrals and consults, and get on the same page with a shared view of the patient's record. Infor Cloverleaf Cloud Health Information Exchange enables you to meet these requirements.


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What it is

Infor Cloverleaf Cloud Health Information Exchange is a secure, standards-based infrastructure that integrates clinical data from across disparate systems and manages the wide variety of clinical records, document types, and content pervasive in today's healthcare community.

Infor Cloverleaf Cloud Health Information Exchange meets the needs of every stakeholder in your healthcare organization by providing the underlying infrastructure that allows providers, payers and governments to collaborate. With Cloverleaf Cloud Health Information Exchange delivered as a service, you forego software and hardware licenses, reduce the need for large capital expenditures, and save resources.

You get a secure clinical data repository, source system connectivity, a customizable clinical portal, MPI records, and public HIE connections. And you maintain your systems investment because this vendor-neutral solution can exchange clinical data with any system that uses the market leading Infor Cloverleaf Integration solution.

What it does

Cloverleaf Cloud Health Information Exchange works with both private and public exchanges.  Whether your objective for exchange is to connect constituents across your hospital network, a region or an area, the proven capabilities of Cloverleaf Cloud Health Information Exchange will help you achieve clinical integration, improve workflow, and succeed in the era of accountable care. 
With Infor Cloverleaf Cloud Health Information Exchange, you get:

  • Cloverleaf Integration engine for the exchange of clinical data
  • EMPI that addresses patient identity management
  • Source System connectivity to allow communication with EMRs and other systems, like IHE hubs
  • Aggregation of data for the production of standardized clinical documents (i.e. CCR and CCD)
  • A secure clinical data repository for the collection of data and analytics
  • Clinical portal to provide a view of patient information for non-EMR providers

What it means

You'll have the power to:

  • Consolidate and share patient information using a secure, hosted environment
  • Connect entities, make sense of data, and meet new healthcare reform guidelines for quality reporting and accountable care
  • Subscribe to services in the cloud and realize value, without investing in extra hardware or software
  • Use the cloud to enable both private and regional exchanges
  • Produce standard clinical documents to feed information to connected EMRs, support non-EHR providers, and facilitate referrals and consults

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