Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI)

To support continuity of care and other industry initiatives, you need to be able to consolidate data into one easily accessible view of the truth. An enterprise master person Identifier (EMPI) addresses this challenge. With an EMPI, you're equipped to deliver on health information exchange (HIE) initiatives that focus on facilitating the exchange of health information electronically among physicians, hospitals, health plans, and patients.


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What it is

EMPI is a flexible tool that helps resolve patient and provider identity across disparate systems. It provides the highest level of patient matching accuracy to eliminate duplicate patient records that often plague the creation of an enterprise patient record, or electronic health record (EHR).

Infor provides the tools and support necessary for you to gain immediate access to complete, accurate, reliable patient data you can trust throughout your enterprise. Through our partnerships and highly skilled implementation team we can provide a world-class EMPI solution.

What it does

EMPI uses algorithms to evaluate patient records and assign an Enterprise Unique ID (EUID) to facilitate data quality management and interoperability.  The EMPI identifies and resolves duplicate patient records, improves the accuracy of patient identification, and enables a patient centric view of information.

What it means

You'll have the power to:

  • Identify the same patient across disparate systems and link records helping establish and accurate patient medical record.
  • Integrate with existing healthcare applications.
  • Store, view, and match data within global languages in multiple character sets.
  • Detect identifier assignment errors along with tools for error resolution.
  • Find, correct, and eliminate duplication and other data quality problems across systems and data sources.

Infor can help your healthcare organization improve the quality and accuracy of your patient data, and build an enterprise master person index through patient or provider identity management.



NextGate Registries for Healthcare

Brochure discusses how Nextgate/EMPI helps meet demands for medical data management.

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