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Whether you have a large international hotel company or are an independent hotelier, you'll get an affordable, fully automated revenue management solution (RMS) with Infor EzRMS, developed using the latest business forecasting and optimization technologies.

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RevPAR is up, but what happened to profit?

9 ways to drive more revenue through to your bottom line.

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What it is

You can sell the right product to the right customer at the right time and for the right price with Infor EzRMS, which treats bookable hotel nights as a perishable commodity and helps optimize revenue.

Take advantage of these core modules:

  • Database loading and consolidation—Forms an integral part of the modeling and forecasting functionality in EzRMS, and allows for highly detailed analysis of transactional data through a multitude of reporting options.
  • Demand modeling—Automatically analyzes and evaluates all property management system (PMS) and user data, and uses unique algorithms to create property-specific unconstrained demand models.
  • Demand forecasting—Provides up-to-date constrained as well as unconstrained forecasts of room nights, total revenue, cancellations, no-shows, arrivals, departures, and much more.
  • Optimization—Solves your revenue-optimization problem with a state-of-the-art and proprietary set of innovative algorithms that optimally balance demand and supply, resulting in a set of controls and recommendations.
  • Controls and recommendations—Automatically translates recommendations into controls for all interfaced and non-interfaced systems in order to ensure seamless optimization of all distribution channels.

Plus, benefit from these additional modules:

  • Infor EzREGION—Provides regional and centralized management teams with statistical reporting and consolidated forecast information for a predefined geographical location. Combined with EzBUDGET, EzREGION reviews consolidated forecasts against consolidated budgets.
  • Infor EzBUDGET—Realistically splits your budget by day and business pattern so you can integrate your own budgets in all reporting available.
  • Infor EzCOMPETE—Automatically provides comprehensive insight into competitive pricing throughout your online channels.
  • Infor EzQUOTE—Offers quantified recommendations for the acceptance of ad hoc and/or repetitive group requests.
  • Infor EzCONTRACT—Quantifies the true net benefits of existing and potential contracts.

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You can also take advantage of these related EzRMS products:

Infor EzLITE
Do you have a limited-service hotel chain? If so, Infor EzLITE—a revolutionary, pre-packaged version of Infor EzRMS—was specially designed for you. With Infor EzLITE, you get the most accomplished and cost-efficient group revenue management solution available today. As Infor EzLITE features rapid deployment, you’ll be up and running with a revenue management solution quickly. Learn more about Infor EzLITE.

Infor EzPLUS
Make the most of Infor EzRMS with Infor EzPLUS, which gets you up to speed on the latest revenue management tips and tricks during informal webinars led by professionals. Or get on-site training designed specifically for your needs and knowledge levels. Would you prefer that your own employees deliver the training? Sign up for a “train the trainer” session. Whether you need advice on how to organize your revenue department, want a fresh look at your revenue strategy, or require a full audit, you can fast-forward your organization to the next level with Infor EzPLUS.

What it does

In addition to automatically calculating demand forecasts for each future use of your hotel rooms, Infor EzRMS recommends appropriate selling strategies such as open/close rates, stay controls, open/close room categories, and overbooking levels—maximizing your yield and profit.

Historically, most revenue optimization algorithms have simply managed room price. But EzRMS also considers ancillary spending that takes place in spas and restaurants, on the golf course, and in other extra- revenue areas.

What it means

With Infor EzRMS, you can:

  • Maximize occupancy and protect rates when necessary.
  • Increase revenue by a typical 4% to 7% from year one with little outlay.
  • Create accurate historical, current, and future statistical reports.
  • Provide detailed demand forecasting information.
  • React to market influences with the help of competitor analysis on both the Internet and the global distribution system.
  • Evaluate the impact group reservations have on occupancy and revenue.
  • Assess the impact a tour series contract will have on your property.
  • Get access to reports and real-time information on a group-wide basis.

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Infor EzRMS solution overview

See how easy it is to maximize revenue with Infor EzRMS: This 2 minute video offers a quick overview of the EzRMS functionality and interface in the context of a user's workday.

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