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Like all hotel companies, your company needs to maximize results in a fast-changing hospitality marketplace, where the decisions you make daily about booking individuals, corporate guests, groups, and wholesalers directly impact your ongoing performance. To maximize your efforts, you need hotel sales and marketing software in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM) and corporate performance management (CPM), as well as a high-powered financial management system (FMS). Infor can help.


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What it is

Using Infor's hotel sales and marketing tools, you can:

  • Book the best business for your property or portfolio.
  • Make the most of revenue opportunities.
  • Communicate your distinct brand, services, and differentiators.
  • Build lasting relationships with customers.

Developed by technology experts with more than 25 years of experience in hospitality, Infor sales and marketing solutions for hotels include:

  • Infor Epiphany—Personalize your inbound and outbound marketing programs, tailoring offers to customers' specific wants and needs at any given time. As you learn more about guest preferences, you can market more effectively to—and better serve—your most valuable guests.
  • Infor CPM Business Edition—Analyze business results and plan for growth with a world-class performance management solution that includes built-in hospitality best practices. Streamline business processes, automate the budget cycle, consolidate financial performance data, create customized reports, and analyze financial information. Sort and filter reports to view the exact information you need at a moment's notice, so you can keep costs in line and forecast correctly.
  • Infor SunSystems—Get a reliable view of financial performance across your entire organization and adapt to challenging business environments with accounting software that's specific to hospitality departments, ledgers, and users—and, more importantly, complies with industry regulations and best practices. Your finance department will be able to easily calculate cover counts, occupancy statistics, and no-show revenue.

The bottom line? Infor hospitality solutions help you maximize your sales and marketing efforts, and increase profits.

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