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What it is

You collect lots of data from individual customers, but you're not sure it's complete, accurate and comprised of the most useful information.  Does a customer decide to buy from you based on what their children need, their income or other factors?  You want a way to collect and understand the information that influences their purchasing decisions so you can increase customer loyalty and increase sales. 

Infor Epiphany Data Advisor can help. With Infor Epiphany Data Advisor, you will:

  • Collect valuable information about individual customers with every interaction.
  • Analyze the information so you can use the most important data to strengthen relationships with individual customers.
  • Store high-quality customer-specific information so it's available to your employees in real-time during an interaction.

Data Advisor automates how you gather, optimize, manage, and measure data about your customers. You can:

  • Learn what drives your customers' purchases. Gain real-time insight into the attributes driving customer behavior.
  • Dynamically adapt to each customer interaction. Continuously collect feedback about customer interactions across all channels. Build and improve predictive models based on an interaction. Optimize messages for future interactions.
  • Create new opportunities to deliver value. Use better customer data to identify opportunities to deliver a new service, up-sell, cross-sell or promote new offers.
  • Build trusting customer relationships. Thoughtfully collect information so customers know you're considering their needs. 
  • Extend the value of customer information across your company. Make customer information available across all processes throughout the organization.

The bottom line? You increase sales because you understand what's most important to customers and you create consistent and personalized customer interactions across all channels. 

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