Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor

Competition for customers' attention and action has never been greater. More than ever, you need a sophisticated solution with an advanced decision engine that helps you react quickly, intelligently, and personally to every customer interaction. You'll improve the response you get to the offers that you make, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty…all with Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor.


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What it is

Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor is an intelligent assistant that helps you predict your customers' future preferences and behavior based on their real-time activity and past responses. By tracking and evaluating every interaction you have with each customer, you'll:

  • Get better response rates
  • Increase sales
  • Deliver the right message at the right time
  • Improve the customer experience that drives satisfaction and loyalty

Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor combines historical, personal, and contextual information, as well as real-time analytics capabilities and business rules to help customer-facing channels present the most attractive offers.

What it does

Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor makes customer interactions more productive and helps you optimize cross-sell revenue and improve customer retention. It includes:

  • Advanced inbound marketing features that make every customer interaction more intelligent and more profitable. With the complexity of multiple, siloed business units attempting to market to the same best customers, inbound marketing can become organizationally impossible. Interaction Advisor delivers the processes, coordination, and intelligence necessary for effective inbound marketing.
  • Coordinated marketing campaigns that align the interests of competing business units against corporate wide objectives. Interaction Advisor helps companies avoid missed opportunities, turning every customer interaction into an immediate business opportunity.
  • Real-time self-learning analytics that dynamically improve and build upon predictive models with each interaction. These analytics can be used as part of an ongoing loyalty campaign or to recommend an immediate action to retain a customer who demonstrates an intention to defect. As a result, companies that use Interaction Advisor are improving their customer retention by 50% or more.
  • Multi-channel marketing campaigns that create a continuous customer conversation across time and channels. Interaction Advisor helps increase cross-sell revenue from each customer by looking across all possible marketing offers and selecting the one that will drive the highest expected value for the individual and the business. Using this solution, Infor customers are doubling and tripling their offer acceptance rates and increasing total inbound marketing revenue by 10% or more.
  • Closed loop reporting that identifies the drivers of customer behavior and the effectiveness of campaigns. Because this identification and record keeping process occurs in real-time, Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor ensures that the most up-to-date information is incorporated into the next prediction.

Because every customer interaction is an opportunity to gain insights for later use, Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor tracks each interaction in specific ways that allow the application to adapt offers over time.

The Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor advantage

Unlike other CRM systems, Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor uniquely offers:

Customer profiling and targeting—Uses individual customer data to increase the relevance and impact of your inbound marketing.

Self-leaning analytics—Scores a customer's likelihood of accepting an offer, and continuously learns and improves by recording response data.

Flexible combination of rules, analytics, and arbitration—Selects the best offer that fits your business goals.

Multi-channel offer execution—Deploys offers to any inbound customer interaction channel.

Closed loop monitoring and analysis—Delivers closed-loop reporting that tracks and measures inbound marketing effectiveness.

Collaboration across divisions—Includes tools that allow marketers to collaborate across divisions and departments.

Real-time performance—Makes decisions in real-time as the customer interaction is occurring.

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