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The better you target your offers to online customers, the more they will spend and the more frequently they’ll return.


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What it is

The better you target your offers to online customers, the more they will spend during each interaction and the more frequently they'll return.  You need a way to automatically recommend products and relevant special offers to visitors as they shop on your site. 

Infor Epiphany Shopping Advisor can help you deliver a more personalized shopping experience, so you: 

  • Consistently increase your offer-acceptance rate.
  • Boost online cross-sell revenue.
  • Increase repeat business from high-value, online customers.
  • Enhance the value of your brand. 
  • Grow your customer loyalty.
  • Improve your online offer effectiveness over time.

With Infor Epiphany Shopping Advisor, you can convert more online visitors into shoppers and enhance the purchasing experience. Shopping Advisor gives you tools to: 

  • Access and analyze comprehensive customer data. Instantly combine historical, personal, and contextual data from all your sales channels to determine the most relevant offer to make during an online transaction.
  • Use buying patterns of like-minded customers. Base offers to online customers on the buying patterns of people with a similar profile. Use collaborative filtering to take into account the current interest of the shopper.
  • Automatically make multiple offers during an interaction. Make a new offer each time an online customer changes their shopping basket or wish list. 
  • Track and measure each online interaction. Improve the effectiveness of online offers with each transaction and over time by tracking, measuring, and analyzing individual interactions.

The bottom line? You can double or even triple your online offer acceptance rate and cross-sell revenue. 

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