Infor Fashion PLM

Infor Fashion PLM is the company's newest application that helps seamlessly link vital areas of the fashion supply chain to your business – from line planning, design and development to sourcing, production, inventory management, customers and distribution. Infor Fashion PLM was created using the latest Infor technologies to help fashion brands, manufacturers and private brand retailers develop styles more quickly and efficiently.

This new solution is a key component of Infor Fashion, one of the most functionally rich solutions for today's market. Infor Fashion PLM supports the design workflow, new product development cycle, and streamlines the overall planning process. Each collection, style and its component can be accessed through a meaningful and intuitive user interface that has driven processes for greater speed in daily activities.


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What it is

Infor Fashion PLM has been developed from scratch to meet the specific needs and requirements of the fashion industry. It is designed to support customers to develop and plan their collections and styles efficiently and delivers:

  • User Experience – beautiful, intuitive software with a pleasurable and meaningful GUI designed by Hook & Loop
  • A new way of working and natural workflow
  • Role-based specific processes
  • Ability to plan and execute concurrently
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Improved collaboration across teams
  • And it's quick to learn for rapid adoption

What it does

  • Collaboration across teams. Unify the efforts of creative, technical, and commercial teams using Infor Fashion PLM. A comments feature streamlines communication in the design, development and sourcing process.
  • Natural work flow. Take advantage of extensive configurability with the personalized homepage and role-based activities that will improve employee productivity and motivation.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks. Save time and direct your attention to designing, developing and delivering new and better products that add value. Take advantage of drag and drop access to colors, fabrics, trims and other supplier details to speed your efforts.
  • Concurrent processing. Speed up product design and pre-production processes to shorten the time from concept to consumer and stay more agile to keep up with the latest consumer trends.

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