Infor Public Sector Asset Management Tools

By understanding your assets, you will be able to manage your assets more effectively and economically with the help of the world's foremost government-specific asset management solution, Infor Public Sector Asset Management Tools.


What it is

Public agencies have no choice but to stretch resources as far as possible. With revenues shrinking and infrastructure aging, agencies need to get maximum value from existing assets. And even while budgets are getting tighter, demands for high quality service and accountability increase every day. Agencies need to ensure assets are available, safe, reliable, and performing to design standards.

Infor Public Sector Asset Management Tools is the solution that more than 250 leading government agencies worldwide trust to improve asset efficiency, conduct condition analysis, and perform advanced asset analysis.  It can be deployed separately, or as part of a government enterprise solution for citizen response management, community development and regulation, and utility billing.

To improve performance and reduce costs, our customers use Infor Public Sector Asset Management Tools to:

  • Track and report costs accurately against assets and activities.
  • Plan, schedule, and execute effective maintenance programs.
  • Create detailed asset inventories and agency-specific asset inspections
  • Record and track requests for service.
  • Leverage Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to create a more accurate inventory of infrastructure assets.
  • Use innovative technologies to improve work processes.
  • Provide compliance support for current and future asset related regulations.

Government-specific tasks require software that was purpose built for the unique demands of managing government assets. Infor Public Sector Asset Management Tools is that solution.

Infor Public Sector Asset Management Tools provides an extensive range of asset-specific data fields to make it easy to manage every asset type. Agencies from the smallest local department to the largest state and federal agencies use Infor Public Sector Asset Management Tools to better manage the broadest possible range of assets, including:

  • Water—Mains, valves, meters, hydrants, service lines, water nodes, wells.
  • Sewer—Mains, manholes, service lines, nodes, lift stations.
  • Storm—Channels, inlets, mains, manholes, culverts, storage basins.
  • Streets and Roadways—Segments, signals, signs, lights, trees, landscape, intersections, bridges.
  • Parks—Buildings, equipment, trees, landscaping, playground equipment, sports complexes.
  • Plant—Facilities, equipment, vehicles.
  • Railway—Equipment, tracks, signals, signs, yards.
  • Customer Service—Service request management.

Infor Public Sector Asset Management Tools also includes a comprehensive array of tools for managing your agency's physical assets, including:

  • Work management
  • Work planning tools
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Warehouse and parts inventory management
  • Map drawer and Geoadministrator
  • Executive reporting and dashboards
  • Inspection and analysis tools
  • Risk management
  • Condition analysis
  • Budget analysis
  • Asset valuation
  • Water distribution
  • Wastewater
  • Fleet
  • Storm water
  • Industrial waste
  • Plant, buildings, complexes, and equipment

Government agencies around the world trust Infor Public Sector Asset Management Tools to help them deliver high-quality services while effectively managing their budget.

What it does

With Infor Public Sector Asset Management Tools, you'll not only have a solution that was designed with government agencies in mind, you'll lower your risk because of the stability and strength of Infor, a robust global software provider with decades of experience in delivering government specific solutions. You'll also:

  • Remove the silos between departments to improve coordination and boost performance, while delivering high-quality service to your citizens.
  • Get the complete picture of the condition and cost of your assets.
  • Be ready to comply with regulatory requirements and reduce your risk of fines and unexpected compliance costs.

Give your agency the tools to improve efficiency by effectively managing infrastructure, streamlining business processes, and saving money. You'll get all that from Infor Public Sector Asset Management Tools, a single, integrated system that supports your exact business needs across all departments and helps you deliver the great service your citizens demand.

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