Infor Advanced Scheduling

Infor Advanced Scheduling is a constraint-based scheduling solution that addresses the unique challenges of managing the capacity of vessels, tanks, and lines—and the flow of product between them.


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Learn why Organic Valley Farms, the #1 source of organic milk in the USA, turns to Infor Adage and Infor Supply Chain Planning to improve its process.

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What it is

Your batch process manufacturing environment requires you to schedule production with down-to-the-minute precision. Synchronize the flow of your batch production in the face of numerous constraints and you'll be successful.

Infor Advanced Scheduling can help you:

  • Spend less time completing expensive set-ups and changeovers.
  • Reduce production costs.
  • Reduce cycle times.
  • Increase capacity utilization and throughput.
  • Increase on-time delivery performance.

With Advanced Scheduling, you can schedule production in the most efficient, timely, and profitable manner. You get capabilities for:

  • Optimization—Adjust schedules on a minute's notice with automated optimization techniques and drag and drop capabilities on an intuitive graphical Gantt chart planning board.
  • Visibility—Create personalized views of schedules targeted toward specific production operations to improve communications and collaboration.
  • Synchronize Packaging—Ensure packaging lines and materials are synchronized to be available exactly when production is finished to maximize available shelf life and reduce temporary storage that could upset future production.
  • Manage co-products and by-products—Manage the complex interdependencies of products for mix, blend, brew, cook, react, or distill processes. Manage all materials used in these production processes.

The result: You streamline your complex batch production processes to deliver customer orders on time and create a more efficient and profitable business.

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