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The workers in your warehouse appear to be working efficiently to help run a successful business. But you can't be sure because you don't have the tools you need to accurately measure, manage, and improve labor performance. Infor Labor Management provides companies with clear visibility into the performance of their warehouse employees and comprehensive tools for improving that performance.


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What it is

The standards and labor planning tools in Infor Labor Management are integrated with Infor Warehouse Management capabilities for directing, tracking, and measuring productivity. It's a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to labor management that will help your company:

  • Reduce costs.
  • Dramatically improve labor productivity.
  • Achieve better workforce balance across all activities.
  • Improve the analysis of labor performance to strengthen competitiveness.

Infor Labor Management has capabilities that deliver a quick return on investment. It gives you:

  • Labor planning and reporting—Assess your volume of work for the present and future, estimate labor by shift, task, and work zone to create an effective labor plan.
  • Benchmarks for labor standards—Create standards that ensure you measure the performance of your employees against optimum benchmarks. Track warehouse performance and get the greatest possible return from your workforce, regardless of whether you are using discrete engineered labor standards or reasonable expectancies.
  • Real-time Feedback—Calculate standards in real-time so your warehouse employees and supervisors always know if their performance is on track.

The result: You get detailed insights into the performance of warehouse workers and the ability to manage your workforce for optimum contribution to your business.

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